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It is a challenge running a business and trying to have a life. Even though you love creating jewelry and are addicted to beads you must do a few things to keep in this for the long haul. 
1. Set a schedule but allow for creative diversions. 
If this is your 9-5, make it a 9-5 and have hours you don't work. If you sneak your bead time in after everyone has gone to bed and you've already worked a full day at your JOB, be realistic about what you can accomplish.
Have a plan for your creative time, but allow time for your muse to play if that's what you need to keep going!
2. Schedule "me" time and art dates.
No, that isn't time hunched over your phone scrolling through Pinterest. You need time in nature, you need time to move, you need time to fill the well. 
What well? Your creative fount from whence forth all your amazing ideas spring. Go to galleries, museums, gardens, sacred spaces. Drink in and fill up. 
3. Sleep. 
For real. You need more sleep. I don't know a woman who thinks she gets enough sleep, do you? 
Try out a set bedtime routine, work with your natural body rhythms. Do less if it means you get an extra hour of sleep. You will get more done if you are rested and it's scientifically proven you will be more creative if you've had your zzz's! 
And let's just give a nod to all facets of self-care here; eating better and managing stress, move every hour, stretch. You know what to do. Your health first, okay? 
4. Prioritize.
At the end of each work day make a "6 Most Important Things" list for the next day. 
This is just like it says, the first 6 things you need to get done the following day. Attack that list before you do anything else. 
Notice it's not the "99 Most Important Things" List. Focus on breaking tasks down into bite size chunks instead of having a never ending to-do list. Plus it's super fun to scratch things off your "6 Most Important Things" list.
If you are a list girl, make a list for each big project you have going on and add those tasks to your 6 list each day.
5. Set Goals.
Plot your course and steer your ship toward your dreams. Don't just let the storms of life toss you about.
Pick a tangible goal that is within your reach but stretches yourself. 
Have a deadline for your goal.
Create smaller steps to achieve it. 
6. Delegate something already. 
No one can do it all. It might be time to hire a house cleaner, an accountant, a web designer, a photographer or a babysitter.  You know where you feel like you are drowning!
Get a virtual assistant to help with online tasks. Get your family to take over making dinner or doing the laundry. 
Barter with someone, exchange jewelry for their skills. Get creative if money is short.
What tasks suck up your time, what tasks can someone do better and quicker? What tasks can you delegate so you can focus on work that brings in money for your jewelry business? 
You could do the laundry or you could send out an email to your customers. Which one can someone else do? It's time to start asking for help. 
7. Be mindful with your time online.
Have a marketing calendar - Google one to print and fill out.
Spend more time making connections and less time consuming media.
Read or listen to one thing everyday to improve your business. 
Schedule and spread out your posts on your blog and social media. 
Set a timer if you tend to get lost when you go online.
So that's my words of wisdom for today. And they may just be reminders for myself! 
How do you juggle it all? What tricks have you learned to keep a balance between life and work? Any of these tips speak to you? I'd love to hear from you!