Birthday Gifts

Birthday Day Giveaway Winners

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me this week! It was so sweet to read so many thoughtful comments while I prepared to turn 40.  I love connecting with such a caring and creative community.

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Day 10 Birthday Celebration Giveaway - The Big One!

Tomorrow is the big day! I will have circled the sun 40 times.  Hopefully I've gained some wisdom during the those years, made a few lives brighter and shared all I could with those I love and cherish. 

The best thing about a birthday is it's a personal New Year - another 365 days to create the life you want, a fresh start, another chance to chase after your dreams.  

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Day 9 Birthday Celebration - Wish Upon a Star

Day 9 of my birthday celebration.  The big 4-0 is looming larger than life and I've decided to celebrate this month with giveaways each day on my blog until my birthday. 

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Day 8 Birthday Celebration - My Two Birthdays

It's getting closer, just 3 more days until I'm 40 and instead of freaking out I'm celebrating here on the blog with 11 days of giveaways.  Who am I kidding? I'm still freaking out! But this week has been so much fun to read your stories, birthday wishes and thoughtful comments.  Thank you!

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Day 7 Birthday Celebration

Welcome to day 7 of my birthday giveaway event.  If you are just joining us - to celebrate turning 40 this year, I'm hosting 11 days of birthday giveaways for my blog readers.  Leave a comment on any of the birthday posts to enter. (Some posts have a little 'homework'!)

Today is a super sweet day in the Humblebeads studio.  Jess (Mr. Humblebeads) and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage.

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Day 6 Birthday Celebration

Today's Birthday giveaway is inspired by one of my favorite events of the year - the Bead Cruise!

I created this pendant a few years ago for the gift bags - we gather together quite the swag bag from our sponsors each year.  I do my part to make them awesome.

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Day 5 Birthday Day Giveaway - Nostalgia

It's day 5 of my birthday celebration giveaway and today I have a a Lilac Pendant for one lucky winner!

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Day 4 Birthday Celebration Giveaway - Fleeting Moments

Welcome to day four of my Birthday Celebration Giveaways.

Today I'm thinking about fleeting moments.  Time just flies, it feels like I was just 12 yesterday and now I'm looking at 40 in just a few days.  (You'll find out later this week why my 12th birthday was so memorable.)

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Day 3 Birthday Celebration Giveaway

Today's giveaway is all about my favorite time of year - autumn! I know, it's just barely August and I pinkie swear I'm all trying to live in the moment and enjoy the summer while it's here.  But I can't help but feel a little giddy at that thought of crisp mornings, leaves changing colors and warm comfy scarves and sweaters.  Absolutely giddy I tell you!

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