Autumn Garden Knotted Bracelet

On Friday I shared this bracelet idea with you on my Coffee Break. You can rewatch it below.

You can find all the items needed here on website by following this link: 

This finished example is 8 1/2" inches long. Adjust your length by adding or subtracting a knotted clusters. 

Supply List:

Faux Tin bracelet toggle 

Polymer clay disk bead

5" 18 gauge copper wire

3 8mm jump rings

2 6mm twisted jump rings

3 5 x 8mm bell flowers

3 1" headpins

2 54" lengths of 2 ply waxed linen 

Not show in the video: I used 5" of 18 gauge wire and wire wrapped the disk bead. I tied the waxed linen on to the end of the wrapped link and used the 8mm jump ring to attach the wrapped link to the toggle. I added the 3 bell flowers on headpins with a twisted jump ring to the top of the jump ring attached to the toggle.