I'm crushing so hard on piggy beads right now! So what's a piggy bead? It's a Czech glass bead that has two holes drilled in them, one in the center and one off center and they look like a little piggy snout. 


You can see here how they nestle together when alternating which hole the wire goes through. They are so versatile, stringing them in different combinations can give you several different looks. You can stack them up, stringing through the center hole only. Put them end to end through the center hole gives you are and add a bead in between to use them are bead caps. String them all together, or break up the pattern with metal spacers and other glass beads. 

Here are two bracelets using the alternating stacked pattern. 

For this design, I stacked the beads facing each other but alternated between the center and side hole. There are so many possibilities. 

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