Bead Fest Pity Party 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Last year on my blog I hosted a Pity Party for those poor, poor souls who couldn't go to Bead Fest.  And since I'm feeling all sniffly and blue about it again this year I thought I'd host another one this year! I'm not one to sit around and pout for long, so I've come up with a Pity Party (heavy on the party) for us to have together so we don't feel like we are missing out on all the fun and all those beads!  With a little thought I've come up with three days of fun for us to join together, inspire each other and get creative.

You can play along on your blog or on the Creative Bead Chat facebook group. I'm giving you a few days to gather materials and make plans for the weekend.

All weekend - Sale & Giveaways.  I've joined up with some of my beadmaking friends to offer discounts for the weekend and I will be hosting a giveaway each day for gift certificates to my website.

Friday - Bust your Stash.  On Friday we going to go into our bead stashes and pull out something that hasn't seen the light of day for a while. If you'd been to a big bead show, I challenge you to find something from a past bead show purchase.  You can share a photo and story about it.  Create something with it or give it away on your blog or Facebook page.

Saturday - Inspiration Adventure.  Get out of the house and find something to inspire you.  You can go to a farmer's market, craft show, festival, museum, gallery, bead store, antique store, walk in the park - whatever you can fit into your weekend that will inspire you.  I'm planning to attend an antique market that is not too far away.  Share photos from your adventure.

Sunday - Class of One.  Pull out a jewelry book and try one of the projects in the book. Go through a few books and pick a project.  How often do we really do that?  For me the answer is hardly ever!  I need to go through my book stash and find a new project!  Share your results with us.  We'll also share links of our favorite online tutorials. 

That should keep us busy and our minds off Philly!  Who is going to join me?  I'm looking forward to having some fun and being inspired together.


This sounds like fun. I was

This sounds like fun. I was just looking at a blog post about all the beautiful beads at the bead show thinking how fun it would be to go but I'm not anywhere close by it (probably much cheaper this way) LOL You have some neat challenges.

Count Me In on the Party not the Pity!

I will be joining you! I love the idea of playing with beads we haven't used and learning something new. I will come up with some giveaways and coupon codes as well. Enjoy the day. Erin

I'll be at bead fest and will

I'll be at bead fest and will be thinking about you all!
This sounds fun, I wish I could attend both!?

pity party

sounds fun, I do tire a little of hearing about the party when I didn't get an invite, so to speak...

I work a lot of this coming

I work a lot of this coming Saturday but before I go to work I get to go to a small bead show that is near me! i will share my finds!!! I may not get anything else in the pity party done but I can share what I buy!!!

I'm in!

What a great idea! Count me in on the party. Sounds like fun.


Yeah, this sounds like fun! One day I will get to go to Bead Fest, and the B&B show (perhaps I should just move to the US anyway? All the cool stuff is there!), but for now, I will totally be taking part this weekend. It's a bank holiday here in the UK too, so I have a long weekend!

Pity party

Sounds cool
I've never participated in one of these

Bead Fest Pity Party

This sounds like a lot of fun, I'm in! I won't be able to attend, and since Bead Fest doesn't come to TX anymore (BOO) I don't know WHEN I'll be able to attend one.

Party On!

this sounds like a fantastic idea!

I'll be there off and on!

Can't promise I can do everything but I will definitely play along where I can!

Sounds like a plan!

Sounds like a plan!

Sounds like a plan!

Sounds like a plan!

I'd love to play!

This is a perfect weekend for me to get out and play. Love the ideas for Saturday, so I'm setting aside some time to join in the fun. Thanks so much for planning this party, Heather!

I am joining the fun

I am going to participate and have a fun weekend with you!

I'm in! What a wonderful

I'm in! What a wonderful idea!

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