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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The very clever and creative Lori Anderson, author of Bead Soup Party and blog hop hostess extraordinaire, challenged us to bust our stashes and quit hoarding our beads in her latest blog hop challenge. I have many stashes that are hidden treasures - I looked at them at the beginning of this challenge and chuckled - "No, no sweet ones not yet", I whispered to them with dreams of future book projects dancing in my head.  A bead hoarder is not easily reformed!

So I picked some recent additions to my stash from my Bead & Button shopping splurges, trades and a few precious pendants from my very dear friend Erin.

My stash included pewter Green Girl Studios, Tesori Trovati's Simply Truths Pendants and ceramic beads Diane Hawkey.

Oh, look at that - a collection! That's how I design now for items I'm selling.  I love working in a series, using a basic formula and changing up the beads just a bit.  I wanted to use the wire nest theme to tie the designs together.  I added in some of my disk beads to compliment the art bead collection. 

First up - Nature's Harmony.  I love how the pendants have a totem feel with symbols and meaning to go with each bead. I grabbed the owl and harmony bead to go with the oak leaf pendant - the story this pendant whispers: to find harmony in your life, wisely accept change!

The necklace hangs on a 28" long brass chain and slips over the head for easy wear.  I love longer pendants.  I think mainly because I like to look at and fondle the beads when I'm wearing them! The pendant is 4" long.  My favorite little touch on this piece - the flower crown on top of the owl's head.

A close up of the Oak Leaf Earrings.  Steel wire nests, pewter leaves, polymer clay branch disk beads, crystal spacers and brass earwires.  Earrings measure 2 1/2" long.

The back of the pendant has a secret message: "bare branches hold the hope of spring".  Erin is so poetic!

Next is my Hopes & Dreams Pendant. I absolutely love this Simple Truths willow.  The willows are a theme I'm very fond of and Erin captured their beauty and delicate nature perfectly. I'd love this as a painting in my house!  (Erin, make that happen!!!) I paired the pendant up with a dream bead and pewter nest - the whole design speaks of the hope and renewal that arrives each year with Spring. 

The Hopes & Dreams Pendant measures 5" long and rests on a 28" gunmetal chain.

Little Bird Earrings are handcrafted of pewter and paired with steel wire nests, polymer clay branch disk beads and crystal spacers on brass earwires. These are also 2" long.  

Did you natural brass doesn't have nickel and if you have sensitivity to metals you might be able to wear brass?  True story, I haven't worn earrings in years but after I read that I tested some Vintaj brass earwires and it's a miracle - I can wear earrings again!

Now head on over to Lori's blog today for a mega dose of inspiration while you visit the participants of the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop!  And then for heaven's sake - go grab some beads that you've been hoarding and make something spectacular..

Did you use Humblebeads in your blog hop project?  Leave a link in the comments - I have a special gift for you!

(Hope you don't mind the buy now buttons, thought that might be an easier way to offer these today.  If you purchase more than one item I will refund the shipping.  All jewelry comes in a gift box and ships by first class mail. US residents only.)


Each piece is lovely and

Each piece is lovely and unique!

I really like these, very

I really like these, very organic and great color combinations!!!


Love all of the pieces! I made a collection too (not as varied).

Dreamy, Lovely, Poetic!

I just love the way that magic happens in your hands. You have a way with joining the perfect art beads for a very meaningful piece of jewelry. I love them all! You know that I don't paint, right? You are the artist that can make that happen! Thank you for sharing my pendants all grown up! Enjoy the day, my friend! xo Erin

Your collection is beautiful

Your collection is beautiful in its symplicity. Erin certainly captures the perfect ideas in her Simple Truth pendants.

I love how you used the

I love how you used the wrapped nest in each of the pieces. I think my favorite is the Hopes and Dreams pendant. All of them are lovely

Hoardes, Words and Themes

If I must title I will :)

Love the ideas behind your collection - and the collection.

I also did not know that about brass, thank you!

Heather these are so sweet, I

Heather these are so sweet, I love the whole collection and I love a really long necklace too! I have to tell you, it wasn't the plan but I used humblebeads in three pieces and I'm so very pleased!


These are just amazing! I am inspired to pull out even more of my beads & your book to make some more pieces! BTW - I used one of your next beads in one of my pieces today! :)

All of your designs are

All of your designs are fabulous - love them all - but I'm especially crazy about that oak leaf pendant!

your pieces are gorgeous. i

your pieces are gorgeous. i love the pendants and the mood you created with them

Love, love, love your

Love, love, love your creations and yes, you did tempt me more than once with that "buy" button! Wonderful work!

Love love love love love!!!

Love love love love love!!! You always make e best stuff!! They are amazing!

Heather I always admire you

Heather I always admire you designs. The first necklace is my favorite. I agree that Erin's willow pendant is wonderful. I can always pick your bead out of a design. You have a very distinctive style.

What a team!

Put your work with Erin's and it's for sure a "hoarder's dream!" That willow necklace just proves it!


I love the designs you came up with. They all have a very Earthy/organic feel!

I love all of your pieces

I love all of your pieces Heather!

Blog hop

Beautiful beads and a beautiful necklace!

As usual, a wonderful and

As usual, a wonderful and creative job. I really like your theme presentation. And thanks for the tip about brass. I will have to give it a try. Sometimes my ears are too sensitive and I LOVE to wear earrings.

You are amazing.

Every time I read your blog I am in awe. You are truly an amazing designer. I love love love what you have done.

LOVE this collection

I wish I could have afforded BOTH necklaces so I could have worn them layered, but happy to have one! I love the calmness of them, and I think I had the same issue with some of my beads -- big plans for later publications but there's always, always going to be beautiful beads, so time to play and enjoy what I'm playing with, right? I have a HUGE collection of your beads, too, by the way!

Thank you so very much for participating!!!

Nice Hoard!

I was just delighted by your work, your beautiful imagination and your sprightly soul! Beautiful!

I really like these,

I really like these, especially the two necklaces ! I favor longer necklaces too - I like to fondle !

Beautiful designs. I love

Beautiful designs. I love the pendants. I wish you had added a link to the artist's site.

Wonderful stash

Wonderful stash Heather!
Always love everything you
make~everything has its own unique touch.
Wonderful pcs!!

Heather your stashs

Heather your stashs wonderful!
I always Love everything you make!
Always so full of fresh ideas.
PS Weve had a lot of rain in Houston and hot!
I know youre not missing Texas! I'm glad you got "HOME"!

Regal little owl.

I love how you've perched the little owl, resplendent in his crown atop a branch. Worldly wise and regal. My favourite though are the beautiful little oak leaf earrings.


Your stash is breath-taking, but what's really fantastic is the way you put the pieces together. Beautiful designs.


Heather, your beads combine with the other artbeads like they were born to be together. Love your theme, too, tying it all together.


As always....excellent job. I love the little owl....thanks for sharing.


your stash are awesome...!
all pieces are beautiful..... I really love both necklace... :)

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

I like them all, especially the Owl - harmony necklace. Great collection!

Love all of them

Hi Heather,

I love your hoarded stash. And I LOVE the jewelry you made with it!! Especially the willow necklace. Very very pretty.
And....guess what...I hoard your beads. They are soo pretty and I just want to keep them alllllll for myself. But I managed to make some jewelry with it for the bead hoarders blog. I hope I did them justice. If you want to take a peek:

Beautiful collection!

Beautiful collection!

Your Collection is

Your Collection is beautiful...but that is so surprise as your designs are always fabulous!

Smiles, Pam

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