Bead Studio Makeover

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Organizing my studio

I spent a good part of the weekend reorganizing my studio.  Creating is a messy job, but there needs to be some reason and structure to run a business!  My dear aunt Rosanne - you know her well if you've seen us at Bead & Button or one of my trunk shows, came to rescue my very artistic, un-organized self on Saturday.  She came armed with bins of all sizes, plastic boxes, bags and labels.  We started in one corner and worked our way around the room.  Sorting out one cubby hole and box at time until we found some sanity.  Then we labeled everything and the process became much easier, it's so simple to put things away when they have an official bin.  I keep all the frequently used items closest to me, things I use less are put on the shelf on the other side of the room. 

That's my buddy Oliver, he couldn't decide where he wanted to be cat-egorized!

I included the photo from our long drive home on Saturday night.  The sun was setting, it's my favorite time of day.  I love the colors through the bare branches.  Reminds me of my beads!  But the reason I put the photo in the collage is to remind myself that this is a journey.  There are many more boxes to go and little by little they will find a home too!

The best part of getting my act together - rediscovered beads!  I had a ton of disk beads in all sorts of containers so I put them into mini sets of 5.  They are actually my deal of the week.  Any order of $50 or more from my website will receive a free set of 5 beads - it's my random act of beady kindness! 

How do you control your bead storage?  Do you have a clever way to organize and store your jewelry inventory?



Thanks for the inspiration.

Thanks for the inspiration. My personal studio is in desperate need of a make over. Its such a daunting task and I have no idea where to start!

How Much Does Aunt Rosanne Charge?

I need a beady intervention. I think that Rosanne could hire herself out to come and organize other beady black holes like mine! I know I have Humblebeads that I forgot about and put aside that I need help unearthing! I am serious! How much, Rosanne?
Love the cat in the box. That is my favorite shot next to the clean shelves! Enjoy the day. Erin

I want an Aunt Rosanne!

Do you think she'd loan herself out? I need some serious help in the organization area, and it looks like you have the best help ever.
Also, love the cat! He reminds me of my Luna- she's a tuxedo cat with more black than white, but she has face markings very similar to his.

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