Bead Table Wednesday

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hello and welcome to Bead Table Wednesday! Today on my table are wishes and dreams because I have no time for making jewelry right now and I would really like too. But I am feverishly filling orders and very busy with deadlines this week. But a girl can dream! I picked up these Czech glass beads at a store I visited in Florida while on the Bead Cruise.  They have just been calling me to play, soon beadies, soon!.
I have a few new colorways for my Feather series. These are very summery and some will be heading off to Ornamentea very soon along with lots of other goodies for a Humblebeads Trunk Show. I'll share more details about dates when they have safely arrived at the store. 
Another thing I've been playing with that will be making it's way into my shop in different colors are new shapes for my Branch Disk beads.  My Branch beads are by far one of my most popular designs and I thought it was time to branch out into different shapes. Ha, I'm puny.  So in my Etsy shop I have tiny rounds and these fun wafer disks.  

And the other new shape that I have been playing with is square disk beads. These would be awesome for earrings and also they would look great as spacers. 

Here you can get a better view of the shape of the square beads.  

So this is what's on my Bead Table today.  If you'd like them to be on your Bead Table next week, check out the new beads in my Etsy shop.  You know, just trying to be helpful. 

What is Bead Table Wednesday? It's a day to connect with other bead and jewelry artists around the world to share the good, the bad (as in awesome) and the ugly - hey I know what your bead table really looks like because mine looks the same!

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