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Hello! I wanted to feature a few designers who have jumped in and created projects inspired by techniques in Beautiful Elements. If you haven't heard, I am having a fun Book-Along to celebrate my new book. You can read all about it here. So let's see what folks have whipped up!

First up is Sarah Raines, Sarah created these pieces for the Art Bead Scene challenge last month. She created the wire wreath, copper leaf and berry headpins from the book and she did a fab job!

And she created earrings to match. Sarah blogged about her creations here.

Next up is are two projects from Kathy Lindemer, her blog is Bay Moon Design and she even blogged about her experience. Check it out here. Kathy jumped into the chapter that features acorn headpins and oak leaf copper components. 

Each chapter in the book starts out with basic techniques, this chapter I first cover how to make the acorn headpins and the basic oak leaf. I then take you through several projects featuring those elements. The leaf is used a pendant, bracelet cuff and toggle clasps.

Lorelei Eurto did a nice book review and created this bracelet inspired by the silk wrapped beads in the book. She did her beads with batik fabric - looks awesome and put them together in a bracelet of her own design. Read Lorelei's book review here.

The introduction in the book starts:

"This book represents the unlimited potential of raw materials. The most important raw material you possess is creativity. Limited only by what you can dream up with metal, wire, and clay, there are a million directions to travel in jewelry making. When exploring these basic materials, you'll never get bored or run out of ideas. One project gives birth to a new variation, one idea sparks another, and on it goes."

That was the essence of the projects I created for the book. I wanted to show how to create two or three elements and repeat them in various ways to create a collection of jewelry. I hoped to show you how to take a motif and translate it over and over in new ways and that the projects in the book are just a starting point. I know once you learn the basics and feel confident in the technique you'll add these elemements to your box of tricks and pull them out to create designs that are new and unique to you!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!