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Learn to create a macrame feather with waxed linen.  Watch the video tutorial below:

Polymer clay bird

21mm Czech glass hibiscus flower

11 4mm English cut beads in color 1

6 4mm English cut beads in color 2

14mm brass rope jump ring

16" 20 gauge brass colored copper wire

10" 18 gauge brass colored wire

2 yards 4ply waxed linen

13 6mm rope jump rings

4mm o-ring glass bead spacer

30" copper plated chain


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Here are the lengths to cut the waxed linen and wire:

The finished feather is 1 5/8" long and and 1 1/8" wide at the top.

1. Feather center: cut the waxed linen into one 6" length.

2. Feather pieces: cut twenty-four 2 1/2" lengths. 

3. Beaded pendant: 8" 20 gauge brass colored wire. 

4. Bird bail: 10" of 18 gauge brass colored wire.

5. Beaded links on chain: six 1 1/2" inch 20 gauge brass colored wire.

6. Chain is cut into one 20" length for the back of the necklace.

You can use the same technique to create earrings too.  I knotted 9 rows instead of 12 to make this mini version of the feathers. They were then trimmed smaller than than the pendant. The earring feathers are 1 1/8" long and 7/8" wide.