Bohemian Bead Soup

Friday, June 26, 2015
Earlier this week I put out a challenge to create a bead soup mix piece of jewelry. How is it going? Almost done? You need to share your link with me by today to enter to win the $50 gift certificate. You can find the details here.

So this is the piece of jewelry I had in mind all weekend and couldn't wait to make! I wanted something that was bohemian inspired that featured my new Monarch beads. 

The beaded portion of the necklace - my soup - combines Czech glass, crystal, a few stones and copper beads knotted on green waxed linen. I wanted the necklace to feel like a butterfly garden, speckled with blooms and wings. The clasp is a pewter button from Green Girl Studios.

The pendant features a ceramic bead from White Clover Kiln, a lampwork beads from More Skye Jewels. At the bottom of the pendant the leaf headpin is from Nikki Thornburg and the drop is Genea Beads.
 Love making these Chrysalis beads! 
I could so see this necklace being worn by artist Vanessa Bell, she owned the famous Charleston home. A hot gathering place for artists, writers and other bohemian types known as the Bloomsbury Group. Vanessa Bell was a painter herself and created the most amazing home with fellow artist Duncan Grant. She is also the sister of Virginia Wolf. 
She'd wear the necklace with something like this: 
Photo credit: Tom Allen via We Are So Droee
While she painted this:
 Painting by Vanessa Bell
Hanging out in gorgeous rooms, lounging around with her artist friends in rooms like this - heated and intellectual conversations were a must, of course. 
Photo from the Charleston website
And while she read and illustrated books by her sister like this:
Photo via Little Augury
Yep, that's where I see this necklace! 
Don't forget to click on this link - right here - to share your bead soup creations. 


Gorgeous piece, it reflects

Gorgeous piece, it reflects the -liberated and liberating- method it was created with.
I love its spirit and the gorgeous palette!



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