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Tomorrow is the big day! I will have circled the sun 40 times.  Hopefully I've gained some wisdom during the those years, made a few lives brighter and shared all I could with those I love and cherish. 

The best thing about a birthday is it's a personal New Year - another 365 days to create the life you want, a fresh start, another chance to chase after your dreams.  

Today we are celebrating. My dear auntie has arranged an Over the HIll party for me.  I'm looking forward to some good-natured teasing. I can't wait to spend the day with my family - they are my favorite peeps on the planet!

So it's been 10 days of birthday giveaways here on the blog.  You can still enter each one, just scroll down the blog and make a comment on each day to enter.  Tomorrow I'll be drawing all the winners. 

Today's prize: a $40 gift certificate to 

Shopping spree! Awesome right?  I thought you'd be excited.

Now, let's put you to work for this prize. It's my party, so I'm going to ask for two gifts.

1. Share your best words of wisdom for my next 40 years.

2. Share my giveaway online: tweet, facebook or pin it. 

Okay, I'm off to get spiffy for my shin-dig.  See you all back here tomorrow!!!