Day 10 Birthday Celebration Giveaway - The Big One!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tomorrow is the big day! I will have circled the sun 40 times.  Hopefully I've gained some wisdom during the those years, made a few lives brighter and shared all I could with those I love and cherish. 

The best thing about a birthday is it's a personal New Year - another 365 days to create the life you want, a fresh start, another chance to chase after your dreams.  

Today we are celebrating. My dear auntie has arranged an Over the HIll party for me.  I'm looking forward to some good-natured teasing. I can't wait to spend the day with my family - they are my favorite peeps on the planet!

So it's been 10 days of birthday giveaways here on the blog.  You can still enter each one, just scroll down the blog and make a comment on each day to enter.  Tomorrow I'll be drawing all the winners. 

Today's prize: a $40 gift certificate to 

Shopping spree! Awesome right?  I thought you'd be excited.

Now, let's put you to work for this prize. It's my party, so I'm going to ask for two gifts.

1. Share your best words of wisdom for my next 40 years.

2. Share my giveaway online: tweet, facebook or pin it. 

Okay, I'm off to get spiffy for my shin-dig.  See you all back here tomorrow!!!


Day 10

Wow, that's the most generous gift you offered yet. I'm just hoping I win one of them, any one would make my week. Thank you for your deep generosity. BTW, I shared on my fb page and on Pinterest. My advice to you (being several years older than you, I Almost think I'm eligible to give advice) is to forgive yourself for mistakes you've made (being human rather than perfect is OK) and enjoy the next phase of your life. For me the years after 40 have been so far, in several ways, more satisfying than those before. I think it has to do with gaining the wisdom to appreciate everything more, and accept myself. I don't know if you pray. I pray for you, talented, deep thinking, and deep feeling Heather Powers, to have a good next 40 years.

Happy Birthday

It sounds like you are having a wonderful birthday -

My best advice (even though it's a bit late):

Treat strangers well, friends better and family best of all and expect the same.

Day 10 / Wisdom for your years to come

Hi Heather,

First of all this has been a lot of fun!
As I have said before, I really do feel I have gotten to know you better!
Writing has helped me too. One can never have enough experience in writing.

So for you next years to come, and I hope they are very many. My wisdom for you, would be to always "Stop and smell the flowers". SO many times I have said, "Boy, I wish it was Friday", or any day in fact. Being 52 now I realize that all I did was "want to wish my life away". I didn't want to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

Everyday is so important. There will never be the same day again. You have to just grab that day, be your best, do your best, and just enjoy it, and always let the ones you love, know they are loved by you.

I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, with many more to come.
You are such a kind soul.

Thank you,
Cathy Tuggle

BTW, I pinned:

Happy Birthday!

Well the big day is here - Happy 40th!. Hope you are enjoying it, doing whatever you darn well want. You even have the heavens celebrating with the Perseid meteor showers. Here's to much happiness. Celebrate each day.

Saw your FB question - funny, there was a robin on my fence on Friday. At first I thought it was hurt until I realized that it was a younging not sure about flapping its wings. The parent would stop by to feed it. But it wasn't long before it took short leaps, each one with hesitation, until it finally spread its wings and took flight.


to the best years of your life. Happy B-day.

My best advice it to remember to learn something new every day. It keeps you young.

Shared the joy

Happy Birthday!

(I tried to post this once before so I am sorry if it comes up twice)

Welcome to the best days of your life. My best advice is to learn something new every day. It keeps you young.

"Enjoy it now while you can."

"Enjoy it now while you can." :)

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