Day 2 Birthday Celebration Giveaway - Summer Wildflowers

Friday, August 2, 2013

Today's blog post let's you see the other side of my creative life.  Here is a watercolor painting that I made this week.

I went to art school and had dreams of being a gallery artist.  Of course, life and family happened and beads took over while we made ends meet and raised our girls.  I had all but abandoned painting and drawing during those early years of parenting. When both my daughters went to school and after I had been on a steady diet of delightful picture books for 6 years, I decided I wanted to illustrate those books too!

After a few years of learning the craft and industry I've had some success in the field, but never pursued it full-time. My dream has been on the back burner since our move to Michigan.  Life was once again getting in the way.  And I got in the way. I never felt my work was good enough, I could always see the flaws.  I made a lot of great excuses of why a manuscript wasn't ready or reasons to not work on marketing my illustration. Why do we do that to ourselves?  Some days I wish for a little more naive enthusiasm - you'd be surprised how far that can take you!

But I haven't given it up and still dream of illustrating enchanting books for kids.  In fact, if I could make a birthday wish it would be to work on creating books over the next year - both illustrating and writing - both for the children's market and the bead market.  So where are my candles?  I have a wish to make!

These three wildflowers are my favorites that grow along side the roads here in my hometown.  Queen Anne's Lace, Tiger Lilies and Chicory - love, love, love them. See them up there in the painting and here they are in bead form. My love for Michigan is shining through in both art forms! 

So you are here for prizes, no? Not birthday wishes! 

Today you can win a print of my Flora and Fawn and your choice of one of these pendants!

If time and money were no object, what would you spend your days creating? Leave a comment for your chance to win! One random winner will be drawn on August 11th. 

P.S. You can still enter yesterday's drawing too! Come back tomorrow for another birthday giveaway. I will have a giveaway each day until my birthday on the 11th and then all the winners will be announced.



I would wire wrap like crazy,

I would wire wrap like crazy, not caring about how many hours a piece needs or what price I could possibly charge for all the work...


There are so many things I would create if I have the time to create! I would love to have more time to play with polymer clay, learn more seed bead stitches, paint, make costumes . . . the list goes on!

I really love the Chicory! I

I really love the Chicory! I would spend my days creating earrings with fancy wire wrapping around the beads.

Happy Early Birthday !!

Heather, Thanks for such lovely opportunities as a part of your early birthday celebrations!

If time and money were no worries - I would be on a continuous metalsmithing journey !


It would be fun to make more

It would be fun to make more metal jewelry, I love hammering, patina's and wirework etc.. Your illustration is lovely but I really love your beads and anyone of them would be a pleasure to have.

birthday give away

If time and money were no object, I would spend my time learning how to make flame worked beads, and then perfecting my skills!

If money were no object

If money were no object, I would have huge flower gardens and use them as inspiration to make jewelry and paint and knit.


Ah, I know my favorite season is near when I see Queen Anne's Lace! It is my favorite in fields, bouquets, and pendants! If I could do anything i wanted, I would love to open a bead store and have fun creating jewelry, if money was no object, sigh.


I so wish for that print to design my nursery around! And my favorite is the Queen Anne's lace, I always loved its fancy name even though it grows wild.

If time and money were no object I'd build dog rescue ranches in each county in each state. Dogs provide so much unconditional love they deserve the same in return. I'm sure I'd paint them all with murals for each kennel and make them all handmade collars too!

Happy early birthday!


i would love to do more stain glass.

birthday giveaway

Your painting is adorable!
I can see that in a children's book.
I love the Queen Anne's Lace pendant. But would probably pick the Tiger Lily to make something for my Mom. If time & money were no object...hmmm I would spend my days creating memories with all my family & friends . That is more important than anything else.

Soap & Jewelry

Beautiful artwork! I would spend my days making homemade soap and jewelry, but like you life gets in the way.

birthday giveaway

I would learn how to make lampwork beads and ceramic beads. I would also build myself a beautiful studio, with lots of natural sunlight, and many spaces to stretch out so that I could get creative. I would fill it with things that inspire me. Lots of flowers too! Lovely picture.

Love that artwork! If money

Love that artwork! If money were no object I would take classes on soldering, cold connections, fold forming and enameling! But that also requires time....
Thanks for the chance to win these lovelies!

I would spend my time doing

I would spend my time doing photography and making jewelry.

With all the time in the world

I would enter all the bead challenges i have been passing up lately. :). I am a sucker for challenges and always love to see what was created.

If money were no object

I would learn the art of metal clay with the ocean in mind. I am interested in the colors with patinas and such. I would also be interested in picking up where I left off with acrylic painting.

Day 2 Birthday Celebration Giveaway - Summer Wildflowers |

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Birthday and giveaway

Heather-Happy birthday to you! I love your artwork. I wish you success in writing and illustrating a children's book. You can do it.

If I had all the time and money in the world. I would study ceramics. I have always wanted to be able to make things with clay. Just think of all the gorgeous glazes I could use. I would then make jewelry from my ceramic beads.

I would love to stay home

I would love to stay home play with beads and clay to make fabulous jewelry. Maybe quilting too. And of coarse play with my 3furry chihuahua kids. I would also love to travel to Europe and see them make beads in Venice

Dream on!

If, if, if...

If, if, if ... I would pound and fuse metal to make the loveliest links and chains with artisan beads (and all the other hoarded beads!).

Heather, your illustrations are beautiful and you have such a way with words. I could see a story line about a little child's first adventure into learning art - her 'friends' would be all the lovely beads you create ~ flowers, birds, animals, etc....

Day 2 Birthday Celebration Giveaway - Summer Wildflowers |

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If time and money were no

If time and money were no object I would buy a summer home in the Adirondacks and be inspired daily by it's beauty! Your fawn watercolor is absolutely beautiful. It would be a perfect illustration for a child's book. It would also make a nice addition to a baby's room! The pendants are gorgeous-love the Queen Anne's lace one! Thank you for the giveaway!

tough question!

I'm not really sure, to tell you the truth. Jewelry for sure, and I have lots more beautiful hand made art beads. But I do get burned out of that after a while. I think I'd try some bigger mixed media projects. Guess I should go buy a lottery ticket.

Happy birthday

I would attend your Fall Inspired by Nature Retreat. Also, I would love to take a few painting classes.

Creative ADD

If time and money were plentiful, I'd have a studio with all of my creative supplies on open shelves so I could see everything all at once (instead of stored in various bins) and I would work on more mixed media type projects. I believe that it's somewhere in that mix of crochet, cross-stitch, clay, bead weaving, wire work and stamping that my true creative voice resides. I look forward to finding it some day soon ... =)

Happy birthday!

Love your wok!

If money wasn't an objects I'd probably want to work a bit more with pewter and mixed media (loved painting as a kid, like the look of encaustic and find collage techniques fun etc). It'd also be fun to do something more large scale with beads and embroidery thread -- and in mixed media with paper, metal, fiber etc. I'd also subscribe to a lot of mags and buy loads of books just for the joy of reading, being inspired and learn new things. And sign up for courses and workshops in techniques -- often outside beading/jewellery making -- I either can't afford buying all the equipment for or will only do a couple of times, e.g. dyeing and blacksmithing. Exploring new things and trying things even if I won't keep doing them later is something I'd really love to do on a regular basis. Near and far, attending everything from Sätergläntan and HV in Sweden to Lesage in Paris. Taking the train every time, of cause.

Time & Money

I'd spend it on learning more about wire, wire wrapping....including burnishing....the whole bit! Happy Birthday!!!

Time and Money

I would take a few classes to learn more about the different Precious Metal Clays, buy a kiln and create mixed metal / mokume gane, jewelry and other items. If I bought the right kind of kiln, I could also make glass beads and do enameling on metal. Can you tell I've been thinking on this awhile? --that was my plan, "but life got in the way". So for now I'll just be glad to have polymer clay, a pasta machine, a little toaster oven and lots of beads/findings. Happy (early) B Day! Thanks again for a chance to win! I think your painting would be quite perfect for a children's book, the dears face with it's small mouth in a little smile, its very expressive.

If time were not a concern i

If time were not a concern i would love to get back into making jewelry. I want to do more metal work but a horrible pregnancy and a new baby doesn't leave much time. Soon though, soon...

happy birthday!

Awesome prizes, thank you so much.

You know my answer

Writing and beading would be my dream. Writing books and working for publications would rank right up there. After the press release that just hit our local news outlets (courtesy of my mad writing skillz ;-) lots of people are coming up to me and telling me that this is what I am meant to do. I don't disagree but the stars have not aligned in that direction as of yet. But I am open to the possibilities! Wishing you a year filled with joy in creating the life that you imagine! Enjoy the day. Erin

Fawn and Flora

I'd have a rolling mill and an etching kit, so I could create fold-formed, etched bracelet cuffs, earrings, pendants and more. plus I'd get to use my torch more and enamel more beads for my jewelry.

If time and money did not

If time and money did not stsnd in my way I would spend my time
Learning new things-taking classes in jewelry, art journaling, whatever struck
My fancy! Happy birthday!

If Money were no object

If money were no object, I'd probably still be making macrame pieces - it's just something I love to do. Of course, I might have to do a lot of world traveling for inspiration... :)

Time and Money

I would be playing with polymer clay and making beads and turning them into jewelry.

I've taken a couple of lamp

I've taken a couple of lamp work classes that focus on beads and pendants - I think I'd do a lot more of that!


I think one of the most important things that we can create is a safe, welcoming home with hospitality to share. I would love to make a home that is simple & fresh, filled with songs & laughter during even the most boring of homemaking tasks!

~ Catherine

Flora and fawn giveaway


If money and time were no object, I would be learning to make wrapped loops to be sure your beads are not lost off the project that I make.

I love your picture and hope you get the chance to paint more of them. I like the Tiger Lily bead.

Happy birthday.


I would've creating one hell

I would've creating one hell of a mess trying every media, art form, craft, trade that my hands would let me. It would be all kinds of awesome

Ps my daughter is 3 hurry up

Ps my daughter is 3 hurry up and get that book done so I can shared twitch her!

You Won!

Hi Emma! You won the print and pendant. Please send me your mailing address and pendant choice. (Chicory, Tiger Lily or Queen Anne's Lace)

Crazy Dreams

I would love the time to write Poetry and Children's Books. I would also enjoy pursuing local radio broadcasting / voice overs. For now I am thoroughly enjoying creating jewelry. swopemelmel @ aol dot com

Wonderful, wild flowers!

Happy wild wonderful 40th birthday to you! Such beauty in the print along with the beads! Such an eye for each little nuance of the flower! Thank you for the opportunity and chance to win something that will always remind us of you! This is the first year and so glad I found you weeks ago! Thank you lovely birthday girl!

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