Day 3 Birthday Celebration Giveaway

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Today's giveaway is all about my favorite time of year - autumn! I know, it's just barely August and I pinkie swear I'm all trying to live in the moment and enjoy the summer while it's here.  But I can't help but feel a little giddy at that thought of crisp mornings, leaves changing colors and warm comfy scarves and sweaters.  Absolutely giddy I tell you!

Rejetta Sellers has an earring project in the new issue of 101 Bracelets, Earrings and Necklaces that just happen to use my Leaf Charms. Yeah! And even better, they made the cover! Which also happens to share space with a necklace from one of my dearest friends, Erin Prais-Hintz.  Who, also happens to share my birthday! Love it!

Today I'm giving away a pendant and charm set of my Leaves

Leave a comment below telling me your favorite season. 

One random will be picked on August 11th. (My birthday!) You can still enter the first two giveaways until the 10th. 

If you'd like to make my day, check out my Inspired by Nature Retreat and pin one of my photos or share the link on Facebook or Twitter.


Autumn is by far my favorite

Autumn is by far my favorite time of year! All of the colors inspire and captivate me. My birthday is in autumn. Thank you for the awesome giveaway-I would love to win a set of your leaves. I purchased the small leaf set and have been hoarding them so I could really use another set! ;)

Happy, happy birthday

Happy, happy birthday Heather!!
So excited to see the picture of my earrings :) Those leaves are so addictive!! Would LOVE to win the leaf set.
My favorite season is Spring- new growth, flowers, warmer weather...

I love the autumn colors.

I love the autumn colors.


Yes autumn is our favorite time of year too. Hard to believe because we have rarely enjoyed the color you get in the north or they get in Tennessee where my in-laws call home. We have to wait until nearly November to see color here and then it is nothing compared to your beauty. We love the crisp change in weather and we love to go to the Napa valley and hope to catch the vineyards in color. It is my hubs birthday in Oct and that is a pleasure we enjoy. Happy birthday to you and with every day you come up with new inspiration so this will be a beautiful year I am sure. Cherrie

Happy Birthday Heather!!

I grew up in New England and always loved the Fall. I moved to Florida during college and 20 years later I am still here. Reading your description "crisp mornings, leaves changing colors and warm comfy scarves and sweaters" makes me miss that feeling! I would love to win your pendant and leaf charm set (and maybe even a signed copy of the book?) :O)

Don't be freaked out about 40, I am 45 now and still don't feel like I am 40 yet!

Favorite Season

My favorite season is summer. Sunshine, beaches, waves!!! Being a bodyboarder I can't wait for the water to be warm enough to wear only a swimsuit while riding. I love laying on the beach, feeling the sun, swimming & playing in the ocean. (Unfortunately something I haven't been able to do this year due to unemployment.)
As I said before...40 is not bad. I'm 57 & still bodyboard, dance, ride my bike.

I shared on my Pinterest

I shared on my Pinterest board, "Crafty Friends". Really love those leaves and would be so happy to win them. Summer is my favorite time---watching my two beautiful granddaughters play in the sand and ocean. So happy to live near the beach since I grew up in Ohio! Lynn :)

Summer, Baby!

I'm a summer girl for sure. I do love autumn as well, but back in the day when I lived in a state that actually had 4 seasons, autumn was the harbinger of winter, which I loathe. So autumn was a bittersweet time. Plus it only lasted about 2 weeks before snow started flying. Now, living in the San Diego area, we really don't get autumn. A few trees turn colors, but not in any meaningful way, and September is one of the hottest months of the year.

Autumn is my favorite season.

Autumn is my favorite season. We finally get a break from the humidity here in NC! Love the colors of autumn, the beautiful colors of the leaves, pumpkins and mums.

I love the fall, the crisp

I love the fall, the crisp cool days and the lovely colors of leaves!

Fall Fireworks

Fall is my favorite season ... the colorful firework-like finale before the dreariness of winter! =)


My favorite time of year here in Iowa is late Spring. Fields have sprouted and everywhere it's a sea of green.

Love autumn too!

Happy birthday!

Autumn is lovely, from the first warm days when the leaves start to change to the last melancholic calm foggy days. I also concluded once that it's the only season that isn't white: winter has snow, spring has snowdrops and fruit tree blossom, summer has all sorts of white flowers that float like puddles of moonlight on a sea of darkness during the white nights.

But really it's hard to choose as it's the changing seasons that's the best part, seeing nature change. Every seasons comes and goes, the same thing every years but at the same time it's always unique. Not two autumns are exactly the same. Plus, it depends on the weather too: a white winter is more wonderful than a rainy, grey one and a late, cold spring isn't as fun as an early, sunny spring.

Favorite Season

Autumn for sure, for all the reasons you mentioned! Even though, I like the beach too and I love vacation days that are carefree and summer brings that, I love all the feel of the Autumn weather

I love the golden coloured leaves...

...of Autumn but my favourite season is Spring. Happy birthday and may nature continue to inspire you as it has till now.


Happy birthday. My favorite season is spring...all the lovely newness and life and blooms...babies and buds. Second place is fall...vivid colors and fall fragrances...reprieve from heat and humidity...pumpkins and rich, warm tones.

Favorite Season - Birthday Celebration

My favorite season is autumn. I love the cool air since I'm usually too warm! I also love the feeling of new beginnings autumn brings that I never lost since I was a kid buying school supplies. What a wonderful way to share and celebrate your birthday. I hope your 40th year is a great one. Thank you for the chance to win your gorgeous leaves.

My favourite season

I'm a summer girl. I think it's because I grew up in Western Australia where we had long dry summers with plenty of sunshine and swimming. I still miss those summers (although it may be my youth I'm really missing!)

favorite season

I love fall, the brisk air and brilliant colors ! vivid blue skies and bright and changing colors of the different leaves.....also the beginning of comfort food season! I love me some hearty home made soup and crusty warm bread!

Favorite season: The birthday zone!

Happy Happy Birthday, Heather!!! Mine is in September and due to family distance, we get to celebrate over a couple of months. Favorite season is every day. It's a wonder to look at trees, the sky, buildings, lakes,sunrise, sunset, and even my potted flowers and plants. The color of the light changes with the temperature and gives us such an inspiring palate. I tend to work in the colors of the weather...beachy blues in July, soft green in April, rusty red in October, and winter white in January.

Favorite season

Hands down....WINTER

Favorite Season - B-Day Celebration

My favorite season now, is Autumn. I grew up in the Midwest and have recently moved back. I am still amazed at the beauty of trees,with leaves of constantly changing colors, greens, golds, oranges, even purples and red to pinks, thanks to a few maple trees across the street. I'm so glad to live in a more historical area of my little town, where every property is covered with trees, to just look out my living room windows and see such beauty gives me much joy. (I've been a little house bound for the last couple of years) And if that isn't great enough, in the beginnings of Fall, at night, we still have a few of the Fireflies left to mix their lights, in Florescent yellow green to the sounds of the Cicadas, who for just a few short weeks come out to mark the end of summer... I do have to say that Summer- with the birds, and the pink sky at sunset, and the wildflowers that grow on the side of the road, are a close second. Do I really have to only pick one season? Can I pick two? .... I could go on and on. But I think I'm a little biased, trees are and have always been one of my favorite things, regardless of season. Happy (early) Birthday, Heather! Thanks for giving us the chance to win some of your Leaf Charms, they are such a lovely interpretation of nature.

Favorite Season

Happy Almost Birthday Heather! Fall is my second favorite season. My first is spring! It might be because my birthday is then. I love seeing all the leaves and flowers come back.

Fall all the way

As a girl who grew up in the South, I'm never going to love the bitter cold of Minnesota's winters, but I still love me some fall. Those days when it is still sunny and almost warm in the daytime but you get that crispness in the air in the morning and evening. IMO, you just can't beat the colors of fall... red, gold, and orange with touches of green still lingering. Yum! Autumn also reminds me of when my hubby and I were first dating. So yeah, fall is my favorite for lots of reasons.

I like Autumn except for when

I like Autumn except for when I have to do all the gardening to care for plants that will sleep for the winter and those that must be removed - poor things! I too am a Spring child and love when nature starts to blossom. Here in Chi-town that Autumn feeling in the air is starting to move in - where did Summer go?
Congrats on your leaves making the cover - I'm always mesmerized by the glow of them.

Fall of course! I love the

Fall of course! I love the colors most of all, the cooler temps and the deer visiting my yard. I am such a fall girl which makes sense because i am a leo and i am drawn to all the sun and earth colors.

I love this, thank you so

I love this, thank you so much!

I love fall

Autumn is the best time of year. The colors are brighter, the air is crisper, the sun feels more like a blessing and not a curse. Your leaves are my absolute faves. Their color is rich and intriguing. And I am honored that you mentioned me! But more honored that we are birthday buddies!
Enjoy the day!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday. I also love fall. Here in Hawaii fall is actually warm, but when it finally starts to cool down it is just fabulous . I enjoy decorating my house with fall colors and fall decorations.

My favorite season is Autumn

My favorite season is Autumn - the cooler, crisp air, the leaves changing color, and College football!

It's all about summer for me.

It's all about summer for me. I'm just a beachy, ocean kind of gal. Reflected in the sea glass jewelry that I make! Even though I've been landlocked in beautiful Colorado for many years, I make it out to the coast as often as possible.
Happy Birthday and thank you for hosting the give-aways!

Season giveaway

I love spring first because everything starts growing. But I also love summer, because things continue to grow and there's so many things to do in the yard and garden.


Love love love autumn leaves. The colors are Devine
Would love to make some autumn jewelry with these

Favorite time of year

My favorite time of year is Spring. I live in TX and love, love the blooming flowers, bright green of leaves and grass, and seeing baby animals. Living in a suburb of Dallas, I don't get to enjoy nature as much as you (more's the pity), but I love what I see. And spring is when I start smelling one of my absolute favorite smells - freshly mown grass. Plus the cold weather is gone - YEA! Thank you for sharing your ruminations, and thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I love everything you make.

My favorite season up north

My favorite season up north is fall! I love the sights, smells, time of renewal! I live in Fl
Now and really enjoy summer. It slows down and I fet a chance to enjoy life a lil

I would love to win this

I would love to win this set...
Thank you,

I love the spring when the

I love the spring when the trees are budding and the flowers start blooming.
the night air and sun lit days!


My favorite season is summer - I love the vivid greens and the heat and the whole summer bundle!

Thinking of autumn

I ahve been eyeing those leaf charms for a while now. They look amazing.

You Won!

Congrats Tanya! You won the Leaf Set! Send me you address:


Autumn is my favorite season. I love the vast amount of colors you can find in nature during this time.

Fall is my favorite season.

Fall is my favorite season. I welcome the cool crisp air, making comfort food, earth tone colors and relaxing in my rocker while looking out the window.

Favorite Season

Autumn, hands down! I love the cool, crispness of the air, I love the changing colors of leaves, I love the chain reaction of holidays that it starts.

Spring and Fall

I love the rebirth of nature that comes with spring and the quiet sigh of nature when autumn rolls around. They both inspire me, I love the bright happy colors of spring flowers after all of the gray and white of winter. In autumn, the joy of all the colors of nature changing inspire my designs.


I am a warm weather kind of gal! Summer is my favorite season. It just makes me happy to feel warm, to be outside, to have my kids home from school, and to live a less stressful pace of life.

I love every season for

I love every season for different reasons, but I think autumn is my favorite - still warm enough to wear summer clothes and yet lovely showers of rain make it bearable.
I also adore the autumn palette and the cool, fresh air that clears the atmosphere.

Favorite season

No doubt, autumn. The weather is still warm, but the nights can be crisp. It seams every color of the rainbow is found somewhere in nature during this season: Clear blue of the sky, red, orange, yellow, and green leaves... The smell in the air is different, like apples and cinnamon and leaves and campfires. And I was born in the fall... probably a little bias here...

Yay, your lovely leaf beads

Yay, your lovely leaf beads made the cover!!! Contgratulation! Like you, my favorite season is Autumn. I love the fresh air, wonderful colors and the feeling of renewel. Spring comes in a close second.


I love spring and everything fresh and new again

Leaf giveaway

Fall is the season I like the most. Just love the oranges and browns that happen when the leaves change. Would love to win a set of your leaf pendant and charms.


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