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Welcome to day four of my Birthday Celebration Giveaways.

Today I'm thinking about fleeting moments.  Time just flies, it feels like I was just 12 yesterday and now I'm looking at 40 in just a few days.  (You'll find out later this week why my 12th birthday was so memorable.)

I think for me, the hardest part about turning 40 is knowing this is the last year before my oldest daughter heads off to college.  Time has never felt so short in my life.  I can't even really wrap my brain around what it will be like to have her off on her own.  It just seems so bittersweet I can't stand to imagine it for more than a few seconds at a time. If I could freeze time it would be this month, right now, these fleeting moments.  The weeks before school starts again, when none of us really have a care in the world. The girls still feel like mine.  Moms do you know what i mean? 

For today's giveaway one lucky person will win one of my new Hibiscus Flower Buds. To enter leave a comment below. 

(Make sure you leave your name, anonymous comments can't be entered - I don't know who you are!)

And now I will leave you with my favorite song that fits right in with today's theme.