Day 4 Birthday Celebration Giveaway - Fleeting Moments

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Welcome to day four of my Birthday Celebration Giveaways.

Today I'm thinking about fleeting moments.  Time just flies, it feels like I was just 12 yesterday and now I'm looking at 40 in just a few days.  (You'll find out later this week why my 12th birthday was so memorable.)

I think for me, the hardest part about turning 40 is knowing this is the last year before my oldest daughter heads off to college.  Time has never felt so short in my life.  I can't even really wrap my brain around what it will be like to have her off on her own.  It just seems so bittersweet I can't stand to imagine it for more than a few seconds at a time. If I could freeze time it would be this month, right now, these fleeting moments.  The weeks before school starts again, when none of us really have a care in the world. The girls still feel like mine.  Moms do you know what i mean? 

For today's giveaway one lucky person will win one of my new Hibiscus Flower Buds. To enter leave a comment below. 

(Make sure you leave your name, anonymous comments can't be entered - I don't know who you are!)

And now I will leave you with my favorite song that fits right in with today's theme.


Giveaway Entry!

I absolutely love your creations!! Especially the hibiscus flower buds. Hope I win...thanks for the giveaway :)

Hope I win

You pendants are beautiful! Hope I win a hibiscus of my very own

These Hibiscus Flower Buds are beautiful!

I just finished a necklace with one of your pendants! I got lots of compliments on it!!!
I haven't been able to purchase any of your lovely works of art lately because, well life happens. I cannot wait to look at your shop when I am ready to purchase.
I would LOVE to have one of these, mixed with some pearls and your gorgeous bud, I would have another beautiful piece!


The first time im on the blog and saw it thru pinterstdotcom . All of my life I have lived in a city and when I have passed by some house in the Morning I see Morning Glories their so beautiful and seen them in many colors. Whites, Pinks, Purples I love to see them open, TY for giveaway good luck to winner.

Birthday Giveaway Entry

Your beads are beautiful. I envy your endless creativity. And I do understand how you feel as your children grow up and leave home for college or for life. As mothers we want to do a good job so that our children can live life without us, but at the same time a small part of us still wants to be needed. Both of my children are grown ups now and still call every couple of days to see how "the folks" are doing. Both of them still give us kisses and hugs and have grown into people I am proud to know. I'm sure it will be the same for you. Treasure these moments and keep them in your heart for a rainy day when they're out on their own.

I completely understand where

I completely understand where you are coming from! In two years, I will be 40 and my oldest daughter will be graduating and heading off to college. She just got her driver's license a couple of days ago, and the idea of her being off on her own is feeling a little overwhelming. I am proud of her, but wish I could hold on a little longer. You picked such a great song too...making me a little introspective here. :-)


I love the hibiscus beads. I love Landslide and Fleetwood Mac. My daughter graduated college, I remember the time well, before she left, my only child. She is planning a trip to Spain for a year, leaving in a few weeks. Your post today, the memories, life.... fleeting moments Where do the years go? . Advice, call your daughter often. mine was always too busy, I allowed the distance we have now to creep in, I let her push me off and just text mostly from college. Call her, even if she is "too busy" .

I'm with ya...

I turned 40 this year also in January :( Things are falling apart and it takes more work to cover the gray... Love all of your creations! You come up with the most amazing stuff <3

oh I wanna win!

it is my birthday this month so it would be great to win one of these! I loved them when I saw them on facebook last week

your gorgeous flower buds

These are absolutely fantastic! I've never seen anything like them.

Love, love, love!!!

I just have to have everything you create!!!


I remember when I went through my daughter going to college - really hard but I made it and we are extremely close still. We do raise them to be independent but it is really hard to let go!!! I love your beads and this hibiscus is spectacular.

Fleeting moments...

Oh my! I so understand your post today. I do this every year around my birthday, look back, look ahead and always wish I could freeze time at that very moment. I had my kiddo 'late-ish' in my 30's after trying for 10 years to have a baby, so I always told myself I would cherish each moment, live in the moments and never look too far ahead in time, as all that will come soon enough. Enjoy your time with your daughter this year, make every moment count. And that Fleetwood Mac song is one of my favorites of all time, certainly makes me think every time I hear it. Sending you a big hug, welcoming you to the 40's club!

Fleeting Moments

Heather, I am on the other side of the big 4-0 now. I saw the daughter leave the nest, marry and have children, who I am throughly enjoying. And you are so right, time moves so quickly so savor every moment of it.

Your new hibiscus pendants are gorgeous. I would love to own one.

Wishing you a fabulous birthday. My own little girl just turned 36 last Thursday and that just does not seem possible!

Blessings to you,


hibiscus flower buds

40 seems so far away for me now....I will be 58 on the 12th, and my 40 year high school reunion is this September, never thought I would ever be this old....its funny how life just slips by with out you even knowing it, So make sure you enjoy your daughters last year before college! I love the hibiscus flower buds, they are one of my favorite flowers!

thank you so much!

thank you so much!

Hybiscus flower buds

I want one of these buds SO BADLY RIGHT NOW, but I keep telling myself I can't buy one 'cuz I'm learning how to make them in October! Oh, please choose me! I'm in it to win it!

The hibiscus flower buds are

The hibiscus flower buds are beautiful. I have real hibiscus buds on my plant as we speak. Has to be my favorite flower (especially the double bloom).
Yes, time does fly by quickly. ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST.


I hope you enjoy this last special year with your daughter. It is very hard to think of them not being with us every day, but know that you did a great job raising them and that they are off to new adventures of their own.

As a fellow Mom with a

As a fellow Mom with a daughter out on her own now, I understand how you feel. She's been out a couple of years and I know we are suppose to raise functioning adults (which she is) but I want her back!
These flowers are really beautiful they look real!

Nice work~~Cathy

Birthday Giveaway

Those hibiscus flower buds are just incredible. I thought they were rolled silk ribbon the first time I saw them. Still find it hard to believe they are polymer clay!! Needless to say winning one would be awesome.
You are you get older time does fly by. All you can do is enjoy every moment of the ride.


These new pendants are quite lovely. They hint at fleeting moments as well. We need to stop and admire the beauty around us as it is ever changing and moving and growing. These next few months will be bittersweet, but I know you will make the most of them! Enjoy the day! Erin

I feel yer pain! =)

I feel yer pain! =)

Growing up--and older

Don't think of your daughter leaving the nest as a loss, think of it as sharing your gift with the world...and you already do that with your beautiful art! Maybe there needs to be a memorial bead for these occasions???


lovely pieces and an equally lovely idea. happy upcoming... here's to new adventures and life's many changes.

I have a year until my oldest

I have a year until my oldest goes to college, kind of dreading it, but also proud of him. I love these hibiscus flower buds, they are beautiful!

College Bound

My oldest son is off to college in 25 days (but who's counting, right?) so I know exactly what you mean. Although he's a strong and independent young man who has been ready to be on his own for quite some time now, he's still my first baby. As long as I focus on how excited I am for him and not the little boy he used to be, I'm going to be okay ... I think ... ;-)

By the way, I am botanically challenged and didn't know what a hibiscus looked like until I saw a friend's plant (with closed blooms) after seeing the debut of your beads. I felt so knowledgeable and smart when I casually remarked, "what a lovely hibiscus ... " Thank you for that! =)

Heather, I completely

Heather, I completely understand your trepidation in getting ready to send your daughter to college. My son leaves for university in 2 weeks and will be 14 hours away. I think I'm more nervous than he is. I would be honored to add one of your Hibiscus buds to my treasured art bead hoard. Thanks for the opportunity & HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ remember 40 is the new 30 :-D

Beautiful Hibiscus

your work is so beautiful, I have tried to do that kind of work, I guess its not in my bones:) So I stick to wirework, I would love to put this with some of my wirework for a necklace for my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

What beautiful flower buds!

What beautiful flower buds! Have a super Happy 40th!

You Won!

Lisa - you won the Hibiscus Flower Bud Pendant - please send me your address:


Hi Heather,

I turned 40, 6 years ago, so I speak from experience when I say, everything got better!!
Because the kids got older, me and my husband could spend more time together.
We found out that we still had as much fun as we had during the beginning of our relationship.
A new and exciting period will start, new is not always bad.
Give it a go...............

I just love your hibiscus

I just love your hibiscus blossoms. Especially now when my plant isn't blooming! I feel your pain Heather! My ONLY child is a sophomore in college and moved into her own apartment in May. Very slowly adjusting. Know it is how it should be but we still miss her terribly. Good luck to you!

The hibiscus blossom is one

The hibiscus blossom is one of the most beautiful beads you have made. I would dearly love to win one in your give-a-way. Thanks for the chance---you are so generous. Happy 40th!
Lynn :)

Hibiscus Flower Bud

Sooo pretty! Captcha made me do this 4 times

It is a special birthday for you indeed!

Enjoy your birthday with your daughters and may they bloom like all the lovelies you make !
Have been eyeing these flower buds - would love to own one :)

Hibiscus giveaway

I'd love to win one of these. Hibiscus is one of my favorite flowers. These are gorgeous.

Happy birthday

Love your hibiscus flowers. Would love to win one. And make a beautiful necklace with it

Happy Almost Birthday

I don't have any kids so I can't imagine what it would be like when they are ready to try out their own wings however I can tell that life after 40 is great! It was then that I gained more confidence in myself and my choices. May you experience the same.

Day 4 Giveaway and post

It is hard when they go off to college, but its great, too. They develop an appreciative attitude which (based on my two college kids) doesn't waiver. A new depth to the parent/child relationship develops as things shift more toward friend/friend that I absolutely love. Its also fun to visit the college kid and see him/her in his/her element. Plus, things are much calmer at home. Just stay busy those first few weeks to ease the transition. As much as I miss my sweet babies, this time in their lives is an incredible joy to see and share. Besides, as young as you are (40 is pretty young in the scheme of things, ya know), you've got lots of time and hopefully good health to enjoy the coming adventures. Happy birthday and thank you for the give away.

Hibiscus blossoms

Amazing how much these look like the real thing! I can't imagine how it going to feel when my daughters are old enough to leave home, quite a few years away for me though. But life seems to go faster and faster each year that passes.

beautiful beads!

I was finishing college with my placement in Grand Rapids when I met you guys. Hannah going off to college in a year is too quick of a turn around! As for turning 40, I'll join you next year. Thank you for bravely entering the next decade. Then we'll have been in three decades together. Wow!
I really love these Hibiscus beads as I love all your work. My sister was looking at my necklace with your work on it and she really liked it. She was amazed you hold bead cruises and the work you have on your website I brought up for her to look at.
Love you,

Give away

I LOVE your new hibiscus focals! glorious colors!!

Celebration giveaway

Heather I ave many of your polymer creations and have to say you have surpassed yourself with these beautiful beads.
Have a great birthday

Your hibiscus flower buds

Your hibiscus flower buds make me think of new beginnings. You will be entering a new phase of life with many things to look forward to.

I love the coral

I love the coral ones...beautiful. Your work is amazing! My son is getting ready to leave for college too soon! I have mixed emotions. I am happy for him to move forward, but I am anxious too. Seems like yesterday that he was heading off to preschool.

Love the hibiscus flower

Love the hibiscus flower buds! But then I am partial to hibiscus
Flowers! Enjoy your birthday!

Birthday Giveaway

Time does fly. I remember the day my daughter left for college. Seems like yesterday. She is 38 and has two beautiful children who are growing up so quickly. Enjoy every moment you have with your children! And 40 is a wonderful age!!


Love these new hibiscus flower buds! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Birthday!!!

I would love to win one of

I would love to win one of your hibiscus flower buds.
Thank you,

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