Day 4 Birthday Celebration Giveaway - Fleeting Moments

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Welcome to day four of my Birthday Celebration Giveaways.

Today I'm thinking about fleeting moments.  Time just flies, it feels like I was just 12 yesterday and now I'm looking at 40 in just a few days.  (You'll find out later this week why my 12th birthday was so memorable.)

I think for me, the hardest part about turning 40 is knowing this is the last year before my oldest daughter heads off to college.  Time has never felt so short in my life.  I can't even really wrap my brain around what it will be like to have her off on her own.  It just seems so bittersweet I can't stand to imagine it for more than a few seconds at a time. If I could freeze time it would be this month, right now, these fleeting moments.  The weeks before school starts again, when none of us really have a care in the world. The girls still feel like mine.  Moms do you know what i mean? 

For today's giveaway one lucky person will win one of my new Hibiscus Flower Buds. To enter leave a comment below. 

(Make sure you leave your name, anonymous comments can't be entered - I don't know who you are!)

And now I will leave you with my favorite song that fits right in with today's theme.


I feel your pain

I know just how you feel about your daughter leaving home. I am in the same boat. And I'd love to win one of your hibiscus flower buds!


Those are lovely. My kiddo is 6 and I cannot imagine her growing up and entering high school, much less college. I imagine, though, that it will be a fun experience for both of you -- a different type of mother/daughter bond.

Happy Birthday!

I didnt mind turning 40 at all because every year i am here is such a blessing to me. i am dreading turning the big 50. strange how different birthdays bother us.


I turned 40 in February, but my two children are much younger, so I'll have them around for many years ...
Love your hibiscus flower buds and would be happy to win one!

С Днем Рождения!

Когда-то я тоже впадала в ступор:"Сорок лет!!!" Цифра казалась так велика, что хотелось даже не плакать, а выть:"Караул! Сорок лет!" Поверьте, это еще не конец, это продолжение, просто продолжение жизни.... За поворотом - новый поворот.потом еще другой поворот, снова новый! Надо быть благодарной Господу за каждый год прожитой жизни , каждый вздох, за грусть и радость, за все... Сорок лет?! Какие это годы?! Только немножечко стали понимать , ценить, надеяться, верить. С Днем Рождения,Хизер!!!

Letting go

I remember that feeling when each of my children went to college, but there is real joy in seeing them graduate and start careers, too. You have much to look forward to.

Your hibiscus buds are exquisite, and I'd love to win. How lovely that you are sharing such beauties!

Love the flower buds

Heather I love those beads, they are gorgeous. I think they may be my favorite ones of yours. I feel your pain, 40 has been the hardest birthday so far (I am 43). I do not do well with birthdays that end in 0 :-)

age related freak out

I don't have children, but I can completely relate to freaking out slightly about a landmark birthday. I just turned 50 a few weeks ago myself. (midlife crisis currently under construction). 40 is a breeze--don't sweat it. Love your hibiscus pendants--they almost look like twisted fabric! What great texture!

I am 35, my eldest child will

I am 35, my eldest child will soon be 15, we tease her than when she hit's 18 she is out. But i believe I would fall apart if my baby leaves home! I don't believe your 40! :)


The hibiscus flowers are so pretty, as if they are keeping secrets tucked inside.
And, Stevie still knows how to tug at the heartstrings with that song.


children's time with us some sort of like a flower bright shiny for love and laughter but delicate and short in iys lifespan. I sent a boy out on his own last year, this summer we sent the remaining two, to the Grandparents and Aunt in Texas. The soon to be 17 year old has been working with construction of summer and seems to really love it, hope he really plans on coming home. The youngest at now 14 can't wait to come home but I can tell he's done a lot of growing and it makes me sad I'm not ready for them to be old enough to leave forever loud alarm for the entire summer. funny a lot of friends told me the party was going to be the rough spot for me 40 was horrible. LoL. 50 is 4 years away and it doesn't seem as bad as 40.. Keep up the good work

I love these, they look

I love these, they look nothing I have seen before!!

First Thoughts

When I first saw these buds, my memory went to the summer's that I was successful in getting the Morning Glory seeds to grow over the front door; such a cheerful sight!

~ Catherine


These new beads are super cool! I was eyeing them in your pics for your Inspired by Nature retreat when you announced that. I would be very, very thrilled if I won one!

Best time of the year

I totally know what you mean about loving this time of the year. It feels so fleeting and so carefree. We are all on MY schedule, not the school's schedule. We do what we want to do!

Lovely hibiscus buds. :-)

I adore these flower buds,

I adore these flower buds, very unusual and such sweet colors...


These flowers are exquisite, can't describe them, I feel your pain my daughter is starting school next week - where has all the time gone....

I do know how it feels to let

I do know how it feels to let children go out on their own. My oldest daughter moved to North Carolina, a 16 hour drive for us to go see her. And soon our son will be moving to Colorado. I think I might have to be committed when my youngest flies the nest in just 2 years!

I love your hibiscus flowers!

Isn't life wonderful. Enjoy

Isn't life wonderful. Enjoy every moment with your children. I am already trying to enjoy every moment with grandchildren. Where does the time go?
Love all your are so creative

Hibiscus Flower Buds

Not sure that I have any words of wisdom to offer on this subject (daughter leaving soon). Just be available to her so that she can come and talk with you.

Would love to win one of the beads.


I love them in these shades!

I love them in these shades! The cram especially!


Mother's & Daughter's are joined together forever with Heartstrings... so when ever you feel that little "tug" it means she is thinking of you. swopemelmel @ aol dot com

These beads also remind me of

These beads also remind me of hollyhock blossoms. I had hollyhocks of all colors growing along the side of my garage of my first house. They were so pretty and tall loved them and your beads so beautiful would be honored to wear this around my neck. Happy almost B-day

So beautiful!

Each Hibiscus Flower should remind you how beautiful,you are! I have Hibscus flowers blooming at this moment and you have captured their beauty. Happy Birthday!

I survived lol

My Baby girl went away to college 3 1/2 hours I drove to see her for the first 6 weekends. I feel your pain. I love, luv these buds. Thanks for the chance to win.

Happy Birthday Giveaway

Friends and relatives love whatever I make with your beads! I would love to win anything! Thank you for all you do and for sharing your creativity.

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