Day 5 Birthday Day Giveaway - Nostalgia

Monday, August 5, 2013

It's day 5 of my birthday celebration giveaway and today I have a a Lilac Pendant for one lucky winner!

These pendants hold special meaning for me. Whenever I smell lilacs I'm instantly transported back to my childhood home.  Our backyard was surrounded by lilac bushes that were as tall as trees.  In the late spring/early summer when I'd wake up in the morning, the air was always heavy with their fragrance. 

If we were lucky that morning, my sweet great-grandmother - who was our next door neighbor, would come across the yard bearing a little gift wrapped in tin foil.  Sometimes it was homemade blueberry muffins, other times banana or zucchini bread. Zucchini bread with a little pat of butter and a cup of tea - favorite breakfast ever!

Both of those memories are tied together whenever I see lilacs.  I need to plant a bush or two in my yard! 

"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." - Heraclitus

This sums up life here in South Haven.  Even though it's my hometown and I grew up here, it's not the same town and I'm not the same person.  I can even walk the the halls of my high school without wanting to scream, running out the doors!

Thank you for all your sweet comments over the last few days, I have been reading each one. It's so nice to have your encouragement, and to read your stories and sweet birthday wishes.  I have read each one and thank you!

Okay - today you have to work just a wee bit for this pendant.

1. Head over to my Floral Bead section and Pin or share your favorite on Facebook or twitter. 

2. After you do that leave a comment to let me know what is your favorite floral themed Humblebead! 

On August 11th one random winner will be picked to receive a Lilac Pendant.

(Please don't leave an anonymous comment - I need to be able to contact if you win!)



I love the Day Lily Pendant. At some point I will order this and incorporate it in a necklace design as a gift for my sister.


I love the new hibiscus beads! Would love to win the pendant.

The Daisy Pendant is my

The Daisy Pendant is my favorite. The flower against the blue background just looks so lovely.

Birthday Giveaway.

I pinned the blue willow bracelet bar on my facebook page. I'm not sure if you mean willow trees or some other type of willow. But I think of the trees. We had 3 in our yard. The one in front was short. The branches would trail down to the ground. There are several photos of me & my friend in our Easter dresses under the beautiful trailing branches. The one in our back yard was tall. We built tree platforms in it & the ones in 2 neighbors yards. We had tin can phones between them. They were sailing ships, army forts, space ships.... Willow trees will always be one of favorites. I would love to go back & play in our willow trees again...just for one day.

Once again Happy upcoming Birthday Heather.

My Favorite

It's hard to choose a favorite, so I pinned two! I love the shade of blue in the Hyacinth Pendant and I love the vibrant colors in the Protea! Also, I think the dogwood blossoms are my all time favorites. :)


I've always loved your house beads, I pinned the lilac house bead. It's one of my favorite flowers too :).

Day 5 Birthday giveaway

Beautiful the soothing colors, reminds me of spring!

Day 5 birthday giveaway

Beautiful! Reminds me of spring.

Summer Fades into Fall...

This pendant is a beauty - and so apt as summer fades into fall !

Would love to win it...

Pinned it to: "Vintage Inspired Spring Garden Tea Party"

Excited for your big birthday :)

I love this lilac pendant, I

I love this lilac pendant, I also have fond memories of my grandma and the scent of lilacs. But my favorite floral of yours is the Willow Cuff Bracelet Bead. The willows are so delicate and the colors are beautiful. I also love the shape and how it can be used in a bracelet. So that is what I pinned:

Lovely Lilac Bead

Would love to win this gorgeous bead! Thanks and Happy Birthday Week!

Lilac time

This lilac pendant is my favorite. I wait for lilacs every spring.

Happy Birthday Giveaway

I shared the Daisy Pendant on Facebook and also pinned it to my board Crafts on Pinterest. All of your beads are gorgeous.

Happy Birthday Giveaway

LOVE the daisy pendant! Just so summery and sweet! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I have pinned it here!

Giveaway Entry (Day 5)

I am torn between your Hibiscus Bud Pendant and your Wild Rose Pendant. Both are so beautiful to me. But I chose the Wild Rose Pendant because it reminds me of those summer country days. It always cheers me up. :)
I pinned it:

Well, I can't FB, Pin or

Well, I can't FB, Pin or tweet, but wanted to tell you that I grew up in a village that is famous for its lilacs - it's their logo. There is Lilacia Park and the Lilac Parade. Beautiful place to be every May during Lilac time.

Day 5 and lovely lilac bead

Its a toss up whether the lovely lilac beads or the flower buds are my favorite of your floral designs. But I really love the dogwoods, too. I shared on my facebook page about the flower buds, since I ordered one last week online. Since I'm from the South I just saw my first real, live lilac a few weeks ago on a business trip in Boise, ID. I was so excited that I pulled over and took pics, and took some to dry and resin for a pendant. Unfortunately, the blooms didn't dry well; they were just a dark purple blob. I still have the pics, though! Thank you for the give away opportunity. I would LOVE to win the lilac bead. Whether there's a giveaway or not, or I win or not, I'm enjoying your daily ruminations!

Day 5 Celebration ENTRY!

Happy Birthday! The 40's aren't so bad. Mine were actually really great, until I turned 50. Now my 50's are the best!!!
Your awesome, I just love your work. I wish I was THAT creative. I do like using your pieces for my creativity :)
Thank you,

Now, for this entry I posted:

I hope to win something please!
I posted it on my FB page and tagged HumbleBeads
I am now going to share it on my business page.

Thanks so much again!

I forgot!

Gee I really LOVE your water/ocean themes, I have to say its a toss up between that and your forest themes!

Cathy Tuggle


MIke tells me about Lilacs from Michigan. These are gorgeous. By the way 40's are great place to be especially with the business you have so far. Just think where you are going!!

Lilac pendant giveaway

I love this lilac pendant. I grew up in Missouri and some friend of ours had huge lilac bushes. Every week or two when they were blooming she would send me home with armfuls of the blooms. The fragrance would fill my room.
I pinned your midnight Garden disc beads, though. I love the riot of color in them. Too gorgeous.

Favourite Humblebead

There are so many gorgeous beads that I found it difficult to choose just one but I managed. I've pinned the Spring Rain Willow Square Pendant here

lilac pendant

I left a comment on your facebook post about my favorite floral bead

You Won!

You've won the Lilac Penant! Please send me your address:

PIck one!?

I had a hard time narrowing it down to just one, so I pinned two! I was immidiately struck by your Daisy pendant. It IS my favorite flower after all. But, I also really loved your Blue Wildflowers house bead. Of course, there were quite a few more in that mix that are just fab also including the one one you're giving away!

birthday give away!!

all of your pieces are wonderful but the Hibiscus Bud is my favorite. I have a few trees outside my window that are 'cousins' to the hibiscus and watching them unfold and seeing the different shades is magical. Have a wonderful birthday. If I was to win it would make my birthday magical!

I really liked the lilac

I really liked the lilac until I saw the proteus! Love the colors
And the symbol. Who doesnt need a lil more strength? So I
Chose to pin the proteus.

Day 5 Birthday Giveaway

I shared the Hibiscus pendant on my personal FB page as it reminded me of my Nana who loved her garden, especially her hibiscus, it brought back some very sweet memories :)

Favorite floral

I love the smell of lilacs too. And I also used to look forward to the Lily of the Valley blooming. I thought those two smells were heaven. They still are, but I've added other smells to my idea of heaven, like fresh roasted coffee! Like many others, it is difficult to pick a favorite floral because all of your floral beads are beautiful. However, I pinned the wild rose pendant because it is so striking. Thanks for the chance to win the lilacs!

I really love the colours in

I really love the colours in the Midnight Garden Big Disk Beads, and so I pinned them :)

I pinned midnight willow head

I pinned midnight willow head pins! I think the willow pattern is my favorite...although its pretty darn hard to choose! I live them all. Pinned on Cathy Majorossy Beautiful Creations! Board.

My grandmother had lilacs

My grandmother had lilacs, too - they always remind me of spring and of the carefree days of childhood. It's so hard to choose a favorite, but I think the Tea Willow Cuff bracelet bead is it... I pinned it:)

Hibiscus blossoms

I do so love these Hibiscus beads, in all colourways.

Lovely Lilacs

My favorite would have to be your Dogwood Blossom Bead (the one that's orange on a green background). I grew up in the South and have a special place in my heart for all things dogwood. I pinned it to my new board "Beads I Want."

I adore the Midnight Garden

I adore the Midnight Garden Disk Beads, alternatively floral and gorgeous!!

You had to Ask

...that particular question! I love flowers....& you do a fabulous job of interpreting them into clay!'s a tie between Queen Anne's Lace & the wild roses.

~ Catherine

I love the Light Blue Willow

I love the Light Blue Willow Cuff Bracelet Bead passionately...

Queen Anne's Lace

I pinned the queen anne's lace pendant on my pinterest board of beads I adore. :-) I also like the blue poppy, but I pinned that a while back already. The willow collection is also filled with many beauties.

Pinned it !!!

I love, love love the new Hibiscus Bud Pendants & I ordered one !! I pinned it to the board Beading & Jewelry.


Sorry I forgot.... swopemelmel @ aol dot com

I cannot pick just one! I

I cannot pick just one! I love the willow beads but I also love the lilac ones. I too love to gather big vases of lilacs and put them around the house when they are in season. Pink, white, light purple, dark purple,red love them all.

I love two

I love the Hibiscus flower bead and the midnight garden wafer beads. My grandmother loved flowers and always had loads of them around her house. I now have a lilac bush near my back door. I sit on my deck with Thyme lemonade and you can smell the lilacs OMG, love those flowers.

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