Day 6 Birthday Celebration

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Today's Birthday giveaway is inspired by one of my favorite events of the year - the Bead Cruise!

I created this pendant a few years ago for the gift bags - we gather together quite the swag bag from our sponsors each year.  I do my part to make them awesome.

I kind of wait for the Bead Cruise like kiddos wait for Christmas Day.  All. Year. Long!

I'm super excited about next year, we have so many talented people traveling with us, old friends returning and new cruisers who have been long time online friends who are planning to join us. Can't wait!

That's life isn't it? One day rolling around in the memories of yesteryear and the next day dreaming ahead of events looming on the horizon. Yep, that's my life - sweet and precious memories, good things to look forward to and in the middle is the creamy center of the mundane; the drama of raising teens, enjoying the every day moments, working away and small pleasures of life.

It's all worth Celebrating!!!

"The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." - Robert Louis Stevenson

My birthday is in 5 more days.  Until then, check back each day for a new giveaway.  I have another free project coming up this week.  If you missed any of the past 5 days, you can still enter.

So for today's giveaway leave a comment and tell me where you'd go on your dream vacation.  (P.S. - my dream, dream vacation would be a trip to Scotland!)

One lucky winner will receive a Hibiscus Pendant shown above. 



Dream Vacation

On my dream vacation I would go to Ireland and then Greece. The pendant is beautiful!

I would go to Ireland or

I would go to Ireland or Greece!

Dream Vacation

I would go to New Zealand! I am a huge Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit fan and would LOVE to see where they were created!

Giveaway - My Dream Vacation

I have been dreaming of going to Italy for years. Not only to see the Vatican, but to see where my Great Grandparents came from. :)

My hubby wants to go to

My hubby wants to go to Alaska on a cruise. And I think that would be neat. But my dream vacation would be to go to Ireland. We have some Irish in us and I'd love to see Ireland.

Birthday Giveaway

That pendant is gorgeous!!!
My dream vacation would be an around the world visit to as many ancient ruins as possible...beginning with seeing Chichen Itza again but this time on the Spring Equinox. Of course lazy days on beaches would have to be included as down time and days to shop.

Dream Vacation

I have always wanted to go to Scotland and Ireland.

Dream Vacation...

Would be Hawaii...
And that hibiscus pendant makes me day-dream into my tropical paradise as I type :)

Dream vacation

Hawaii! Do you believe I have never been, even though I have a Hawaiian name.

You Won!

You won the Hibiscus Pendant - please email me your address:

Provence it is. I would love

Provence it is. I would love to see the lavender fields and breathe in their fragrance. See the places that so many painters used as their canvases. Savor the oils, the breads, the cheeses, the wines. And melt into the starry nights. That is my dream....

Favorite Vacation spot

I would <3 to visit Rome.
When I was in Rome I would want to visit all the architecture, the fountains, and religious sites!

You've designed another beautiful pendant!
I especially love this combination of colors, certainly one of my favorites!

Giveaway dream vacation

I would go to France. I've always wanted to see Monet's gardens.

Dream Vacation

I would love a tour of Italy.

Dream vacation

I would love a tour of Italy.

Dream vacation

I would love a tour of Italy.

Dream vacation

I would love a tour of Italy.

dream vacation

my dream vacation would be to go to Ireland

Dream vacation

My most ultimate dream is to visit Ireland. Being an O'Brien at birth makes that my homeland and I'm the only one in my family that hasn't been there at least once, some than been there several times :( Oh that I would ever have the money, dream-dream!!

dream vacation

I think Ireland. I also think it might sink if we all show up at once.

Dream vacation

Oh I definitely dream of vacations, and it changes regularly. Right now, I'm dreaming of somewhere tropical (it's winter where I am), cocktails by the pool, walks on the beach at sunset, diving in the warm blue ocean to see the colourful life beneath the waves. Just what I need!

If abroad, Switzerland or Ireland. If stateside, Yellowstone.

I have quite a few places on my bucket list...Switzerland would be awesome.

My current dream vacation

My current dream vacation would be to Iceland to see the glaciers, waterfalls and other fantastic scenery.

Happy Birthday Giveaway

The Galapagos!


Love, love that pendant. I can't wait for the Bead Cruise and am just so excited that I'm getting to go this year! My dream vacation would be a long trip to Australia and New Zealand. If you're going to go that far, make it worth it!

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would be a Castle Tour throughout Europe!

Dream Vacation

I would so go to Tuscany. Husband knows this, I think everyone knows this about me. LOL I'm obsessed. Someday....Tuscany dreamin'...

Gorgeous pendant!

As I would never hop on a plane and are sceptical about long boat voyages, my dream travels always balance between pure dreams (places I can never go due to my limited means of travelling and/or money) and more realistic -- if money permits one day -- dreams like the trans-siberian and taking the night train to Berlin and then continue on to Paris, London and Edinburgh. Then perhaps Prague, Alhambra, La Maison de la Violette in Toulouse, St Petersburg, Vienna, Venice, Tromsö.

While enjoying nature is great too, the cities are more special for me as I'm living in the countryside and spent my childhood vacation visiting castles, ancient monuments, gardens, amusement parks, zoos etc thoughout the southern part of the country -- attractions that were mostly in the countryside or small towns. I've very rarely visited big cities so the mix of culture, history and (bead/ribbon/button) shopping is something I only dream about. Though my dream travels also include more rural places and nature reserves, like Laponia, Petra and Gotland. Iceland most definitely if only there was a way to get there without having to resort to airplanes or ships.

Dream Vacation

Travel EVERYWHERE!!!! Of course! lol...I want to go back to Kahuku Oahu, my last trip...I want to visit my boyfriends grandmother in New Zealand, I want to peruse Peru, see Copenhagen, spit off the Eiffel Tower and tip over the leaning Tower of Pisa...Egypt, Thailand, India, Ibiza, Beunos Aires, Bahamas, Jamaica, Tanzania, Dubai, Croatia, Serbia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Roanoke, any Springfield , Six Flags and EuroDisney...I want to be Rick Steves meets Anthony Bourdain meets this girl. I live in Alaska, and this states so big I haven't been everywhere here either! If anyone takes a trip to AK, you have to visit Hatchers Pass...its one of my favorite hiking spots, so beautiful....

My dream vacation is

My dream vacation is Australia.

Dream Vacation

As I read the other posts I've come to once more appreciate that I've been able to see as many places and I have, but there's so much more to see! I guess my first choice would be to spend time at each of the Grecian islands, but when the economy is good and the people aren't so miserable. I'd also love, love to spend more time in Italy and France. I've spent a little time in Italy, but there is much I didn't get to see. In France I've only been to Paris. Oh, I do love Paris but would like to see southern France and other, more rural areas as WELL as go back to Paris. I don't remember seeing this bead of yours before; its so great! I would love, love to go on your cruise, but my husband wouldn't let me do something like that without him so its not in my foreseeable future. With two kids in college, I barely go out of the DFW (TX) metroplex unless my job is paying for it. LOL Thank you again for the giveaway opportunity. I'm so hopeful.

South Korea!

South Korea! many fabulous many fabulous places! But...I think I would chose Paris!

Far Away Places...

Mine would be a tie between Switzerland & the United Kingdom. {Old friends in Switzerland & a lover of Jane Austen}

~ Catherine

My dream vacation -and place

My dream vacation -and place to live in- is Paris.

I think I'd choose an exotic

I think I'd choose an exotic place, like Hawaii or Seychelles.

dream place

I think it would have to be Hawaii!

Dream vacation

Well, I did just have one: Ireland. I would love to visit England for sure. After that, a place I've been before, but have such a connection to, is Sedona, Arizona.


I can't believe that you still have one of these, I would love to go on a bead cruise and actually looked it up and flights to america to join it lol!! I live in Scotland and would be happy to recommend places for you to go, you could stay with me for the price of a few beads!! I have just been away for 2 weeks to Tiree (island off the west coast of scotland) which is a watersports haven and also so quiet and peaceful you wouldn't believe!! A whole different pace of life and just the ticket to make you slow down and enjoy every moment. I will go back in a second, but my other holiday that I loved was a trip about 8 years ago to Australia and didn't want to come home - it was wearing flip flops all the time and skirts that I just wouldn't do at home its too cold. Of course if you like the snow best to come here in the winter :D

Oh so many places! India and

Oh so many places! India and Greece and maybe Argentina but Galapagos always tops the list

Hibiscus Pendant

I have two dream vacations, one to England and one to Australia. But the Bead Cruise would be a great choice also. It would probably depend on the time of year I was going to decide on which one to choose.

Thanks so much for your generous giveaways and Happy Birthday.


A land down under

Since I was a young girl, I have always dreamed of going to Australia.
swopemelmel @ aol dot com

I would Love to go to Italy

I would Love to go to Italy and taste the wines but would settle for California and the wine tasting there have been to the areas around Traverse City here in Michigan and had so much fun.

Bead cruise

I love the colors in this bead. I would love to spend a week cruising and beading!

Dream vacation

My dream vacation has always been to go to Paris. I was able to realize this dream 12/22/10. I stood under the Eifel Tower. I'll never forget it. I am born and raised in NY,


I have so many places I would love to go and one of them being the Bead Cruise. I would also like to go to Ireland to meet my third cousins and back to Amsterdam to that I can introduce my husband to the city I spent so much time in the 80s.


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