Day 7 Birthday Celebration

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Welcome to day 7 of my birthday giveaway event.  If you are just joining us - to celebrate turning 40 this year, I'm hosting 11 days of birthday giveaways for my blog readers.  Leave a comment on any of the birthday posts to enter. (Some posts have a little 'homework'!)

Today is a super sweet day in the Humblebeads studio.  Jess (Mr. Humblebeads) and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage.

1. We met in art school - our first conversation was about drawing paper and we both remember every word!
2. I was a teenage bride at 19!
3. We were married in South Haven.
4. We started making and selling jewelry together during our first year of marriage.
5. Jess introduced me to the world of beads with a necklace he made me.

That fall when we returned to art school Jess did a series of prints and sculptures that celebrated our marriage with a house theme.  Over the years we've created and collected items for our home with the house motif, as we both see it as a symbol of our family and home that we've created.  

So today's giveaway? A trio of house beads like the one shown above plus two surprise ones.  

Leave a comment to enter in today's drawing - make sure you include your name! 



Congratulations on your birthday AND your anniversary! And thanks for including us in the festivities with your giveaway!

Happy, Happy!

I love reading about soul-mates! I have been married to mine for 14 years! Would love those houses ;)

Happy Birthday & Anniversary!

Mr. Humblebeads sounds like a keeper! ;)

Happy Birthday/Anniversary

Awww, what a sweet story. And, I agree, Mr. Humblebeads sounds like a keeper for sure!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Heather and Happy Anniversary as well! Your beads are gorgeous and I would love to be the recipient of some of your houses! Have a great day!

Happy Anniversary

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. May the next 20 years be as happy! And again, Happy Birthday wishes.

O Happy Day!

Have a wonderful day! I've been married for 40 years, and it only gets better each year. I'd love to have the house beads. I collect little houses (wooden, ceramic, etc.), and they'd be a perfect reflection of that.

happy happy

I TOTALLY just wrote out this awesome comment and then somehow left the page without saving it. Boo!!!

Anyway, let me try again!
I think it's great that you have so much to celebrate this week. 40years AND 20 years of love and support. I hope you have a lifetime of more ups than down, more smiles than tears, and lots of love and laughter to come. Wishing you all the best :)
(OH, and I love that the two of you have a collection theme. Very cool!)

Sweet!! Happy Anniversary

Sweet!! Happy Anniversary and enjoy your special day.

Totally jealous

Congratulations! It took me over a decade to find a decent guy, and most of my friends who married young have long-since divorced. You are so lucky to have found true love early!

Happy Anniversary!!

How wonderful to celebrate your art anniversary and your wedding anniversary. Your life story with your husband is beautiful and sweet. I too was married young, 20, our 28th is in September. You know when you meet your soul mate, everything falls into place.


20 years, congratulations! Quite a feat in this day and age. May you have many more years of good health, love and laughter together.

Happy Anniversary!

Love the story of your love! I am always intrigued by how two people become a couple and the story they create. My husband and I also met in college, and rather than houses, we share acorns. The campus we met on had oak trees and we would swap acorns when we walked together. Now the swap involves our daughter (and even her best friend) and we find all sorts of fun places for the "nutty squirrel" to hide the acorns! Last year, Mina (our daughter) would sneak them into her best friend's locker and it was a hoot to listen to the story of how she was trying to figure out where the acorns were coming from!

Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations! May the next 20 be as wonderful as the first.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary! It's an amazingly wonderful thing to have found that special person that you are meant to be with. This year will be 12 for my sweet hubby and I. Wishing you and Mr. Humblebeads all the best and many, many more happy years together!

for us

It is all about hearts. My husband drew a necklace that his aunt then had made with a heart and arrow for a wedding gift. On our first anniversary heart earrings with small pearls. I cried when after 15 years I lost one. It is always amazing what items a couple see's as "their" symbol.. I had to laugh at the video though because as soon as I saw the peice, that song started running through my head. I love it and would love to win a way to make a reminder of HOME for each oh my boys as they leave..

Happy anniversary!

To twenty years and many more to come!

The house beads are so lovely. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win some of your amazing beads!


Oh, what a sweet story!!! Congratulations for your anniversary!!!
And the bead is just beautiful!

Birthday Giveaway

Happy Anniversary Heather & Mr. Humblebeads! 20 years is very good.
Happy upcoming birthday again.
And thank you for your generosity in sharing your talents and gifts with us. I love your beads and your design book is my favorite. Hopefully you will publish another?!?

We celebrated our 20th this

We celebrated our 20th this year also, what a milestone (especially in this day and age), congratulations to both of you, and here's to many more years together! A symbol that we hold dear is two birds, in a tree. I love this house bead and what it represents, thanks for being so generous.

That was a very sweet

That was a very sweet story---loved it! I would love to win one of your very special houses. Happy anniversary to you and your Jess!

Isn't love wonderful?

It is wonderful that you can draw upon each other for friendship and love. Yes, that can be a very bad pun... May your live together continue to be full of color and light. Lin

You Won!

You won the trio of house beads Lin! I will send those right out to you!

Beautiful story. And

Beautiful story. And beautiful bead.

Beautiful story. Beautiful

Beautiful story. Beautiful bead.


Two significant anniversaries at the same time, that's exciting! congratulations and may you enjoy many more birthdays and anniversaries together.


Congratulations on two major milestones in your life. May you have many more wedding anniversaries and birthdays together.

Happy anniversary

It is so great to hear of a marriage that is many aren't. Best wishes.

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for the chance to win the house beads. I love your houses.

Happy Anniversary!

It is such a sweet story. Congratulations for your 20th anniversary!

Happy Anniversary and Many

Happy Anniversary and Many More! My dream vacation is Australia.

Day 7 - Anniversary

I KNEW you had to have been a young bride, and Mom since you're only now turning 40 (young to me!) and have one about to enter college. Happy anniversary, happy birthday still, and congratulations on getting your child through the first phase of live. You have so very much to be thankful for, and your grateful heart shows in your lovely posts. BTW, thank you for that music post. I'm always on the lookout for new musical artists, and will definitely look up that group. How fortunate that you have an artistic husband; that means he Gets you! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. I love your house beads so much I've tried to make my own (with a door and window because I can't do those lovely imprints), but boy they're nowhere as nice as yours.


What a wonderful time in your lives! 20 years is a wonderful anniversary. Happy Birthday, also!!

Thanks for the opportunity to own your lovely house beads!

Creative Life

What a beautifully creative life, love and family you have! Happy 20th -- and many more creative years to come. <3

Love stories like yours!

Love stories like yours!

Congrats to you on

Congrats to you on celebrating milestone birthdays and anniversary in the same month. I will be celebrating my 25th year anniversary in Nov. i still wonder where the time went!

I love your little house

I love your little house beads. I make my family my most important thing and these remind me of family and home.


It's so great to take time to remember, laugh & learn from our past experiences, especially when it's for lasting relationships. Congratulations!

~ Catherine

Beautiful beads and such an

Beautiful beads and such an inspiring story.
You are a really lucky lady - and your husband is lucky, too, to have you as a wife.
I hope some day I have a story like yours to tell.

beautiful story, I hope my

beautiful story, I hope my marriage proves to be as long lasting as yours, I am always happy top hear about people who made it work!!
thanks for the inspiration through this post and your lovely work


How sweet, what a wonderful love story!

Love Birds

You two are so very right for each other. Your love it so easy and full. It is evident when you are together. It makes me so happy to know that you are celebrating this huge milestone! We celebrated our 20th last year but the time has flown by. May you both continue to find your home in each others' souls. Here's to the next 20 years! Enjoy the day! Erin

Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your anniversary, and here's to many more! What a special week for you!! I had barely turned 19 when my husband and I got married in 1982.

I love your house bead. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Finding your soul mate is a

Finding your soul mate is a fortunate thing. Hope you have a long and healthy life together.

You guys are too adorable!

You guys are too adorable! Hope it was a great anniversary, many more!

"Home is where the heart is."

"Home is where the heart is." May God bless your hearts & your home now and always. swopemelmel @ aol dot com

House giveaway

Happy anniversary. I wish you and Jess many more happy anniversaries.

Love the house bead that you have shown. I just love any of your beads.

Thank you for your generous giveaways.


Love your story and Happy

Love your story and Happy Anniversary to the both of you! I love the house theme beads. My Honey and I both share a love for Art also him with wood me with any thing I can get my hands on but mostly jewelry. It is a wonderful thing to be creative together.

Happy anniversary :) I'm

Happy anniversary :) I'm always in awe when people say how long they've been married, especially when they're still 'going strong'.
I'm from one of those families that contains almost more step cousins, than blood cousins. Out of both sides of the family, including grandparents, my parents and one aunt & uncle are pretty much the only ones who have never divorced or remarried. I tried the marriage thing... did not work for me. I'm just not the 'share my space' kinda person. Plus he was totally and absolutely the wrong guy. Having experienced the 'wrong guy', I'm always so happy to hear about friends who have found the 'right guy'. :)

Super happy day!

May you have a super awesome happy day! Follow your dreams, listen to yourself and don't worry about the things others say that doesn't sound right to your inner heart! You know what is right and I know what is good! S be the great person I know you are!

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