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Welcome to day 7 of my birthday giveaway event.  If you are just joining us - to celebrate turning 40 this year, I'm hosting 11 days of birthday giveaways for my blog readers.  Leave a comment on any of the birthday posts to enter. (Some posts have a little 'homework'!)

Today is a super sweet day in the Humblebeads studio.  Jess (Mr. Humblebeads) and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage.

1. We met in art school - our first conversation was about drawing paper and we both remember every word!
2. I was a teenage bride at 19!
3. We were married in South Haven.
4. We started making and selling jewelry together during our first year of marriage.
5. Jess introduced me to the world of beads with a necklace he made me.

That fall when we returned to art school Jess did a series of prints and sculptures that celebrated our marriage with a house theme.  Over the years we've created and collected items for our home with the house motif, as we both see it as a symbol of our family and home that we've created.  

So today's giveaway? A trio of house beads like the one shown above plus two surprise ones.  

Leave a comment to enter in today's drawing - make sure you include your name!