Day 9 Birthday Celebration - Wish Upon a Star

Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 9 of my birthday celebration.  The big 4-0 is looming larger than life and I've decided to celebrate this month with giveaways each day on my blog until my birthday. 

Today I will share another fun fact with you about August 11th.  Each year Mother Nature pulls out all the stops with an amazing meteor shower called the Perseids.  The peak viewing for this year is August 11-13th with 50-60 meteors per hour.  That's a lot of shooting stars and wishes to make each year on my birthday.

I don't get to see them every year - many years we lived in the city and it just wasn't possible.

One year Jess had to work late on my birthday. We were a young couple, struggling to make our way in the world. The girls were 4 & 2. It was my 27th birthday and you know how there are just years your birthday comes and goes with very little fanfare - it was one of those years.

Jess arrived home about 9pm and said get the girls ready, we are going for a drive.  We drove an hour to the beach and sat on the shore listening to the waves and watching the stars above. That's my second favorite birthday memory!

This year should be quite spectacular.  We live in the middle of nowhere and the night sky is ablaze with stars all the time. I'm getting my wishes ready!

Photo Credit: Daily Dose of Pixels

So you guessed it, today the prize is a set of my Van Gogh's Starry Night Disk Beads.

What's your favorite show put on by Mother Nature?  Leave a comment to enter today.  Winners will be drawn on August 11th.


Mother Nature

Lovely story! My favorite treat of mother nature is the turning of the leaves in the fall. All those bright colors are so beautiful. Then when they dry and fall of, we get to crunch through them and I love that noise. The advent of each season has its own fun - the first flowers of spring, the first really warm day of summer, the first snow of winter, but the fall leaves are my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win your Starry Night disk beads.

Favourite treat of Mother Nature

My favourite treat of Mother Nature is the Northern Lights. I'll always remember seeing them when I was a child. Now I seldom get to see them, but they'll always stay in my memories as something truly beautiful and enchanting.

Thank you for the giveaway! The beads remind me of a starry moonlit winter night with the northern lights, somewhere in the North of Finland.

Hi please remove this post as

Hi please remove this post as it includes non-correct e-mail address. Sorry about that.

Starry Night Beads

Happy early birthday! Starry Night is my favorite painting of all time. I adore these beads!

Favourite treat Mother Nature with the correct e-mail address

Hi! There is an error in my e-mail address in my first post. So here comes the Post again with the correct e-mail address. MM

Favourite treat of Mother Nature

Submitted by MM — 08.09.2013 8:56:55 am

My favourite treat of Mother Nature is the Northern Lights. I'll always remember seeing them when I was a child. Now I seldom get to see them, but they'll always stay in my memories as something truly beautiful and enchanting.

Thank you for the giveaway! The beads remind me of a starry moonlit winter night with the northern lights, somewhere in the North of Finland. I'd love to win.

You Won!

You are the winner of the Van Gogh Disk Beads. Please send me your address:

Mother Nature's Show

I've only seen the Northern Lights a few times, but that has to be my favorite in the sky. Down on earth, my favorite show is the blooming of the lilacs in the spring. Along one side of our house, we have eight lilac bushes--white, pink, lilac, deep purple, and variegted. Seeing (and smelling) them in bloom is short-lived but so, so memorable.

Thank you for the giveaway. Your beads are exquisite, and I'd love to win.


Sunset in the fall, when the

Sunset in the fall, when the leaves have turned. Where we live it is so beautiful to see the colors of the fading sun mix with the spectacular fall colors. Your beads are wonderful and thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us

Love love love your starry

Love love love your starry night beads!!!!!
They are what first drew me to your site. I was introduced to your wonderful inspiration and creativity thru them.
I love looking at the stars. I feel like they represent loved ones who have gone before and are looking down on us.
Congrats to you and Jess on your anniversary. To a continued lifetime of creativity and happiness.
Most of all Happy Happy Birthday! I'm not too far behind 40!!!! Good to know I have someone to look up to and follow when I get there!!!!

Mother Nature

As a kid, it was always a big deal in the house whenever there was a eclipse. We would stay up late or wake up early to see it.

I also am fascinated with snow. I grew up in the South the majority of my life, so we rarely get any.

I would love to see the Northern lights someday.

I love any show that nature

I love any show that nature puts on! One of my faves is the Winter sky with Orion's belt - mostly because it is one that I absolutely positively know, LOL, with the big dipper behind him. I wish I knew more about the stars. Starry Night is my favorite van Gogh painting; I have made a necklace in dedication to it myself. Love your beads!

Birthday Giveaway

Oh geez Heather, my favorite beads of yours as a prize!!! My favorite painting of all, a print hangs over my bed. You're killing me here.

I love meteor showers also, nothing like camping under the stars and having that as your entertainment. But my favorite show that Mother Nature puts on has got to be how a mass of water surging toward the beach jumps up into this amazing perfect wall of water...even without someone riding it, it is a spectacular sight!


I love lightning shows, last month we had an amazing lightning show the week of the 4th, it was incredible, went on for an hour, better than fireworks! It even got the kids off their electronics to come and watch it (lol ;-)). These beads are lovely, I love Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, what a great inspired bead idea.

Mother nature puts on so many

Mother nature puts on so many great shows. Think my favorite is seeing flowers pop up out of the ground each spring after a long winters nap. I love flowers so am always amazed by the different ways so many of them unfold especially daffodils and columbine. I also love the changing of the leaves in the fall and all the pretty colors that they can be. I also like a gentle snowfall on Christmas eve.
Your starry beads are gorgeous too, hope you are ready for a wonderful 40th birthday. It's not so bad, just the idea of it.

Starry, starry night

How special...a meteor shower spectacular with your family! Talk about eco-friendly fireworks...

The best thing Mother Nature showed me was in January about 15 years ago. I lived in Anchorage, Alaska and was visiting a friend living in North Pole (yes, Virginia, there is such a place, it's not far from Fairbanks). It was 60+ degrees BELOW zero but it was a dry cold. When you went outside the hairs in your nose froze, and you had to keep blinking. About 2:00 a.m. I woke up when friend tossed my coat, hat, scarf, mittens and a couple of pocket warmers on top of me. I muttered something not very nice and was told that if I didn't get up I'd get my boots added to the pile. Dressed and still grumbling, we went outside to see the entire sky dancing. The northern lights were pulsing shades of green, white and blue AND it was reflecting on the snow, trees, hills...even the mailbox. It was too cold to open our mouths so we watched in silence oblivious to freezing hands and feet. It was a special moment and I felt bless to be able to see it. Have always wanted to capture the colors, but it's hard to replicate Mother Nature. I've always thought that she's really a beach girl and created abalone as her summer memory of winter nights.

One of my favorite memories

One of my favorite memories of Mother Nature's shows was on a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon. It rained while we were on the river and afterwards a rainbow came out and arched from one canyon wall to the other.

Wonderful memory! I'm really

Wonderful memory! I'm really hoping to see the Perseids this year, too. I have always loved, loved the Autumn and the colors of the leaves. Some of my favorite memories are family trips to the Blue Ridge Mountains to see the beautiful colors.

favorite show put on by mother nature

I have memories of spending the night at the beach lying on the sand watching the stars too, I used to love to do that! The shooting stars in August are amazing!

Favorite Mother Nature Creations

I love the stars also, especially on really clear nights. Diamonds in the sky, so lovely. I am also continually amazed by sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, cloud formations and thunderstorms. Lightning bugs and caterpillars make me smile.

A bed of autumn leaves...

Heather, its lovely to enjoy the simple and lovely sights, smells and sounds nature offers us...we often miss out on them in our busy daily lives!

I love running through streets covered with autumn leaves - their colors and smell are so invigorating to me :)

Would love to win my facvorite set of humblebeads discs - and that too sinpired by my favorite master artist !


My favorite "show" put on by

My favorite "show" put on by Mother Nature is the turning of the leaves in the Autumn!

Starry Night

I love the night sky when we visit the southwest. The stars are amazing.

I love the Starry Night beads. I have the Starry Night pendant. It is so beautiful.

The first "show" of Mother

The first "show" of Mother Nature that came to my mind is watching for the "green flash" or "green moment" when the sun sets over the ocean, just as it tips below the earth's rim. Also, rainbows after the rain.

Thanks so much for the chance to win those "oh so beautiful" beads of yours!

Your Special Birthday

Wow, love the story about your 27th birthday - that was special. Hope this year you get to see all your stars, and that all your dreams and wishes come true.
Loving those beads - fab colours
Jane xx

starry night beads

I LOVE those starry night beads! My favorite nature show is in the red rocks of southern Utah. Most people visit Zion and Bryce canyon in the summer, but if you go in the winter, you occasionally get to see a dusting of snow on the red rocks, which is a completely different experience than red rocks during the summer. Highly recommend!

Day 9

Wow, there is no end of special things about your birthdate! Jess sounds like a great guy, for sure. Happy birthday again! Thank you for the giveaway. I'd love to win these Starry Night beads; they'd go so well with the long bead you're sending my way that I purchased a couple of weeks ago. I have two favorite shows put on by God/Mother Nature. The first is when the leaves turn colors in autumn, and the second is a sunset that has gold, pink and violet in it. Even though I live in the city I see a lot of both. Thanks once more!

Love those diskbeads!

Lucky you! Such great experiences at your Birrhday!
It just hit to me that your birthday is at the same day as my best friend!
We also will be eating cake sunday :)

Anyway, small fact.

The most beautiful show from nature I had to experience was at camp of the girlscouts.
It was a warm night so we decided to take our sleeping bag out of the tent to sleep outside.
When were laying there, telling some storries, suddenly a falling star apeared at the sky! And another one.
We were all holding our breath, really stunning!
I' ll never forget that!
And the smell of grass and trees on the morning. Love it!

Have a nice evening Heather.
I really like reading your stories!

X Ellen

You keep making these

You keep making these questions so hard. My favorite show by mother nature. . . .hmmm. I've never seen the Aurora Borealis and I'm sure that's amazing, but I guess my favorite is just watching the waves crash on the beach. I'm a water baby and if I'm watching waves, you can bet I'm happy and relaxed. As well, I'm always pretty amazed just looking at a Rainbow. I usually have to pull over and just enjoy it. Oh. . .and then there's sunrises and sunsets. (especially on the water) See, this is a REALLY hard question!!

My favorite nature show? I'm

My favorite nature show? I'm blessed to live out in the country with a house that faces east and west. I'm treated to spectacular sunrises in the am and gorgeous sunsets at night. Love your VanGogh beads- Happy Birthday early!

Mother Nature

Some of my favorite memories are watching the stars, too :) When I was younger, we lived in the country, and if I was down in the valley camping, I'd lay on the picnic table and star up at the stars framed by the trees. At home, I'd climb into the back of my dad's truck and lay on the big tool box he'd built at the back of the cab... it was the highest I could get and still lay down.. without getting in trouble for climbing onto the roof ;) I remember one meteor shower.. believe it was the one you're talking about, my mom and little brother joined me, and we all laid on the cool grass, watching the stars... until dad came home and wanted to know what we were doing, and didn't we know we were getting covered in dew and bugs? lol

And starry starry night is one of my all time favorite paintings. As a matter of fact, one of my characters I write of has a giant glass panel done of that painting :)

My favorite treat from mother

My favorite treat from mother nature is sunset on the beach. It is always different and I am so lucky to live near the beach where I can experience it often!

Mother Nature

Love the beach, my favorites are always sunrises and sunsets, amazing!

Day 9 My Favorite Show of Mother Nature

Good Evening (Early 5:15 here)

One of MY favorite shows that Mother Nature puts on is the lightening, hard rain, and THUNDER!
Even though it scare's me just a tad, I still love it!

The second show of Mother Nature is watching, and sometimes lots of waiting for falling stars.
These two are not only shows of Mother Nature that I love, the whole universe is amazing to me.
But, you only asked for one, I didn't want to go overboard!

I love art, and I don't like to admit this is but I am not familiar with "fine art".
Among Van Gogh, I also love the "Sunflower" painting he did.
As for Don McLean, I love that song, and I still know all the words of American Pie, singing loudly when it comes on the radio!

Happy Birthday, Heather


PS: I fell like I am really getting to you through all your "Birthday Gifts" to us, and writing about them. Thank you!

I love meteor showers and

I love meteor showers and falling stars. I'm so excited, waiting to see this. I've told all my friends and both my boys to be sure to watch for it. We live in the middle of nowhere, too, so I should have a great view. I also like to watch thunderstorms as long as they're not violent or tornadic.

Giveaway 9

My favorite is the Aurora Borealis, though we've been known to get up in the middle of the night for meteor showers. It's very rare to see the Borealis here in Iowa, but we drive to the darkest place we can find and some years we get lucky and get quite a show.


I think it would have to be thunderstorms though they be common here in Kansas. I love watching the rain dance across the yard & hearing the thunder sneak up on me.

Lovely beads, you do an excellent job of translating your inspiration to your craft.

~ Catherine

Starry starry night

Absolutely my favourite beads, & coincidentally my favourite nature display. Viewing the Milky Way on a clear,crisp winter's night,as it is in my neck of the woods, in TOPS!! BTW, happy birthday.

Really nice story. Gonna have

Really nice story. Gonna have to look for them...beautiful beads,

Really nice story. Gonna have

Really nice story. Gonna have to look for them...beautiful beads,

Starry Night beads

Van Gogh is my favorite artist and Starry Night is one of my favorite paintings. For me, Mother Nature outdoes herself every year in Autumn. The fall foliage in Ohio takes my breath away.

Just pure darkness aglow...

Your SN disk beads are my favorite. Van Gogh is one of my favorite painters. I remember having his Sunflowers hanging in my room when I was at home. And Starry Nights is for sure one of my all time favorite pieces.
Being in central Wisconsin in the summer visiting relatives' farms and seeing all the stars and lights in the sky at night is a mother nature favorite. No city lights, just pure darkness aglow.
Thanks for sharing all your memories - you've taken a lot of us on a journey down our own memory lane. Thank you!

Blessed to have sight

I enjoyed reading all the comments and I have and haven't seen the things mentioned. For me the best thing about mother nature and the beauty is being able to see it all. I am so blessed to have sight!! I live in Michigan and while lots of folks think we only have two seasons -- winter and road construction -- there is beauty in every day.

Love those beads!

So very pretty! It may be cliche, but I have to go with sunsets here. For one, there is so much variety in color and texture. For another, they were my dad's favorite and I feel close to him every time I see a beautiful sunset even though he passed away a few years ago. It's just so amazing all the beauty that is around us!

I love the sunset one can see

I love the sunset one can see from the caldera in Santorini, on top of a volcanic hill, looking at the Aegean sea all around.
Magical and unique.

this bead set is one of the most magnificent ones I have ever seen!!!

I love the meteorite showers,

I love the meteorite showers, I was lucky enough to see one in absolute dark, even better than the light show in Paris :-)

winter meteor show

Last winter, my sons and I stayed up late and went outside in freezing weather to watch the amazing meteor shower. It was so cold, but we were so determined to see it. The night was magical, even heard some coyotes howling off in the distance as we watched fire balls streaking through the sky!


That is such a lovely story! I think that the best show is the one that happens in the Fall. The trees become ablaze in a rich riot of color and it always takes me by surprise. I didn't know that about the meteor shower. I will have to see if I can view that this year. Thanks for sharing that story with us! Enjoy the day. Erin

I enjoy a gentle rain and

I enjoy a gentle rain and sitting on the porch watching and listening to the rain in the woods across the street. Many more happy years,Heather

Oh so many great ones to

Oh so many great ones to choose from. I should go head back outside to see the stars fly. Tonight we were by water and saw a totally bright orange skinny crescent moonrise after the waves of a windy day at the river lapped at my feet. Isn't nature just always astounding!

God's Gifts

I work with families in a before & after school program / Summer Camp. We took a field trip to a beautiful Butterfly Garden & Conservatory. The sights were amazing. In their gift shop you could purchase a Monarch Chrysalis to observe and set free when it emerged. I took a sweetly sleeping creature home with me. After several days my Husband awoke me very early saying " It's happening." For quite sometime we laid there watching this magnificent beauty break free and stretch it's fragile wings. We then took the jar outside and opened the lid. It fluttered to the rim, then to the porch rail. It pumped it's wings to gain strength and fluttered onto the back of my hand. I quietly spoke to her wishing her well on her journey. She then floated over to to a brightly blooming Crepe Myrtle. After a short rest in the warm sun, she was gone, high into the trees just beyond our home. That was maybe 6 or more years ago and my Husband & I still wonder where her flights of fancy took her. God's gifts are most magical.
swopemelmel @ aol dot com

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