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This fluttered down to my feet the other day.  Really, it doesn't seem right? I'm not ready to give up these carefree summer days! Fall is my favorite time of year, but I don't know - summer just passed by too quickly.  And I'm slightly obsessed with learning how to do things like can, make jam, salsas and relish, my own tomato sauce, freeze veggies like they are going out of style and cracking the mystery of old-timey things like root cellars before fall arrives!  I may even try my hand at butter thanks to a tip from my facebook friends.  Homesteading, prepping, our grandparents probably just called it part of daily life - these things are far removed from us today.  But I'm on a path of discovery. I'll share more later. 

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We had a long unexpected day of traveling yesterday!  How did your weekend go?  Did you follow along and join in or was summer's siren song keeping you outdoors and enjoying a few non-beady moments?  I'm afraid I fizzled out on Sunday.  We ended up doing family things and just chilling, like one should on a mid-August Sunday afternoon.  I will have to wait to play with metal and petals this weekend.

We have three winners:

Friday's $25 gift certificate goes to: Kathy Lindermer

Saturday's big $50 gift certificate goes to: Michele

And Sunday's second $25 gift certificate goes to: Despina