Free Project: True North Pendant

Thursday, May 22, 2014

True North points to knowing what your guiding philosophies are and having a clear direction in life. It's your gut instinct, your guiding light. It keeps you on the path as you journey toward what is true in your life.  The feather pendant was inspired by colorful vintage arrows and is a reminder to shoot straight and keep on target. This makes an awesome gift for a grad or a student as they make their way in the world.

Feather pendant
32 x 14mm Art Metal blank
30mm brass ring
15mm Art Metal jump ring
7mm gunmetal jump ring
1 6mm glass bead
3" waxed linen
2" 19 gauge steel wire
18" gunmetal chain

Tools: Bench block, letter stamps, hammer, round and chain nose pliers, wire cutters, buffing block or steel wool.

1. Stamp True North unto the arte metal blank. Buff with buffing block or steel wool to lighten the metal, leave the letters dark. Add to the large brass ring with the jump ring.
2. With the round nose pliers create a large loop with the steel wire 1" from the bottom. With the chain nose pliers open the loop and add the feather pendant, close the loop. Wrap the tail of the 1" wire around the top of the feather.
3. With the round nose pliers create a loop at the top of the feather, open the loop with the chain nose pliers and slide the brass ring in the loop, close the loop. Wire wrap the wire several times under the loop creating a messy wrap, trim the wire and use the chain nose pliers to tuck in the end of the wire.
4. Wrap the linen around the brass ring twice, with both ends tie a knot, string on the glass bead, tie both ends into a knot at the bottom of the bead. Tie a knot on each thread at the bottom, leaving a 1/4" of linen.
5. Add the 15mm jump ring to the top of the brass ring, add on the chain.

Feather: Humblebeads 




True North Pendant!
I think exactly like you.I am glad that I came to this page.You made some fine points there.Excellent blog and great information too.
Munmun Nishi :)

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