Holiday Beads

Woodland Winter Inspirations:
Hand-knits, snowflakes, birch forests and evergreen trees, wreathes and mistletoe, tiny log cabins and holiday glad tidings.

Drinking cocoa, watching the snowflakes fall while bundled up under a quilt brings joy.

Family gatherings with laughter and sweet treats during the cold winter days warms the heart.

Festive decorations and glad tidings shared during the holidays.

Being a little elf and making gifts for friends near and far.

Walking in snowy forests, silent and still and knowing peace.

All my favorite things from the holidays rolled into this collection of beads. Can beads capture a little magic? I think so! 

These have been in the works for a few weeks, but seeing the first snowfall of the season on Friday certainly put me in the mood to finish them. I will enjoy each moment of November and the last whispers of Autumn, as we should! But it's never too early to start planning those gifts.

You can find the collection over in my Etsy shop ready to ship out.