Hummingbird Bracelet

Keep your bracelet design simple and classic with a beautiful textured chain to accompany the artisan faux tin componment. The hummingbird charm and flower beads reflect the image on the focal and add texture and movement to the bracelet.


Faux Tin Hummingbird Cuff

Humblebeads disk bead

Hummingbird charm

2 Czech glass bell flowers

1 12mm Czech glass 

3 2" ball headpins

12mm bark jump ring

4 8mm jump rings

2 6mm jump rings

3 5mm jump rings

1 hammered toggle bar

19mm coiled wire eye clasp

5" 18 gauge antique copper colored Parawire

2 2" lengths of 12 x 9mm textured copper chain


1. On a headpin string a flower bead, create a wrapped loop and set aside. Repeat for the other two glass flower beads.

2. Use an 8mm jump ring to attach the bark jump ring to the hummingbird cuff.

3. Use an 5mm jump ring to attach the hummingbird charm to the bark jump ring. Use another 5mm jump ring to attach the two wrapped bell flower dangles.

4. Create a wrapped loop on one end of the 18 gauge wire. String on the disk bead, create a wrapped loop on top of the disk bead, trim excess wire. 

5. Use an 8mm jump ring to attach the chain to the disk bead link. Repeat on the other adding the chain to the bark jump ring with an 8mm jump ring.

6. Use a 5mm jump ring to attach the toggle bar to the end of the chain with on the side with the hummingbird charm. Repeat with the eye clasp on the other side of the bracelet. 


Faux tin and disk beads: Chain, plain jump rings, headpins and hummingbird charm: Eye clasp and wire: Bark jump ring: Nunn Design. Glass flowers: Beads to Live By.