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Yesterday on Bead Table Wednesday I shared a creative way to knot piggy beads on waxed linen. You can watch it here.  I was inspired this morning to create a bracelet using the same technique. I used 120" of 4 ply waxed linen for the necklace and each of the peanut seed bead sections have 14 beads on each side. 

I started with 40 inches of 4 ply waxed linen, folded in half to make a loop and inserted the loop through the round side of the toggle claps, pulled the two ends through the loop to create a lark's knot. The rest of the bracelet was created the same way as the necklace. I did knot on each side of the focal bead. The ceramic bird bead is from Golem Studios and the disk beads are from Humblebeads.

The bracelet pictured is 8" long, each 2 piggy bead sets are a 1/2" so you can add more beads or less to adjust the length.