Michael's Beading Challenge Reveal

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Challenge: Create jewelry using the beads curated by Lorelie Eurto.

Current Crushes: Waxed linen, navy blue beads and tiger lilies.

Inspirations: Garden in late summer or flowers along the edge of a forest.

Humblebeads: Tiger Lily Pendant, Disk Beads in Navy and Lime.

From my stash: Vintage chain, copper-plated leaf charms and misc. findings along with brown Irish waxed linen.

Nifty Trick: Tied chain to the end the necklace, covered the knots with jump rings embellished with seed beads.

Mission Accomplished!

Partners in crime: Lotus Garden Bracelet

and Hanging Garden Earrings.

To see the rest of the clever designs who rose to the challenge visit Lorelei's blog.


Very pretty! So psyched to

Very pretty! So psyched to see you participated!
Pls stop by and add your link to the post for the hop!

Such Fun!

Thank you Lorelei! I had a fun time playing along - finally!

That Chain!

I do so love the necklace! That chain at the back... did you make that? I love it! I have ideas churning but no time to regurgitate them! LOL! Enjoy the day. Erin


Thanks Erin! The chain is a vintage find - it looks like rusty bark. I'm hoarding it. You know how that goes!!! Hurry up and figure out how to make clones, I have way more ideas than time too. :)

Gorgeous pieces! I love the

Gorgeous pieces! I love the vintage chain, and your own beads work so well with the Michaels beads.

First off, your nifty trick

First off, your nifty trick is indeed nifty. I especially like the contrast of the bright beads and dark jump rings in that trick. All three of your designs are gorgeous. You really made the beads Lorelei chose shine.

Michael's blog hop

All these pieces are great. I especially like the bracelet. And I have to agree with other people about that great chain. Plus, the clasp is so cute.

Michaels Challenge

I love all three of your pieces. You always make beautiful jewelry. I too wanted to pair navy and orange with this palette of beads. I also like the vintage chain. I just liked everything!

Loved it all and I think the

Loved it all and I think the tiger lily pendant that you added into your necklace is amazing :)

Hello Heather! Love your

Hello Heather! Love your pieces! I love the chain too! Wish I was coming to Michigan in October again this year! Diana


You always have the best eye for design. Especially love the necklace ~ the chain, your beads, and the 'cover-up' trick, brilliant!

You're so talented! LOVE how

You're so talented! LOVE how your pieces turned out.

Very pretty!

I LOVE seeing what everyone did with these core beads. Your added colors are so wonderful with the beads and I LOVE the bracelet!


I love all of these and I love how you added your own beads and they blended so wonderfully. Your little humblebead in the bracelet is a great touch and your beads in the earrings are perfect.

I also love that chain and the tip about the jumprings covering the knots is genius!

Wow Heather you made lots of

Wow Heather you made lots of pieces. My favorite are the pink trumpet earrings. I believe both Ball and Kerr ( jar makers)have free home canning guides. I have canned applesauce and tomatoes for many years.


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