Midnight Garden Beads Color Palette

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Midnight Garden Beads Color Palette

Today over on the Art Bead Scene I blogged about where I find the color inspiration for my beads.  My latest bead series, Midnight Garden were inspired by a series of paintings and textiles from Pinterest.  Stop on over at the Art Bead Scene today for a chance to win a $30 gift certificate to celebrate my new website launch!

To see my Midnight Garden Pinterest board click here.  

Midnight Garden Beads from Humblebeads

Midnight Garden Big Disk Beads, Midnight Garden Wafer Beads, Midnight Garden Long Beads, Midnight Garden Disk Beads.

I could see these beads paired up with turquoise stones for a bright and playful look. 

Mix them with Czech glass flowers and leaves in green, teal, red and yellow with Vintaj brass filigree for a summer garden design.

Stack them up with round black stones or glass beads and silver accents for a sophisticated and subdued style.

Or use black chain and let the art beads take center stage.  I really dig the Arte Metal chain from Vintaj, it's black as midnight and has a lovely matte finish.  That's good stuff! 


new colorway

Wow! I hope you will continue to do more work with bright colors. Your newest beads are gorgeous.

Thank you Carol - I am

Thank you Carol - I am enjoying these brighter colors and will be revisiting them later in May.

Wow.. This is so beautiful. I

Wow.. This is so beautiful. I really want to learn how actually is it made. The pattern is so brilliant and is a complex one, but the color combination selected for them makes it look even more brilliant.

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Wow this is really amazing. I

Wow this is really amazing. I am interested in oil painting and I can use these patterns for my new work. I am wondering how they create such amazing art work and I appreciate the effort for such mind blowing creations. @@
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Wow… I really loved those

Wow… I really loved those beads. I wonder how exactly are these made and if possible I would also love to learn to make similar ones. I am sure that I can start some small venture locally using this.
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