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Hello, hello dear friends.  Today is August 1st and that means 10 days until my birthday!  But not just any birthday, this is the big 4-0.  I'm slightly freaked out.  I certainly don't feel like a 40 year old.  Instead of moaning and groaning though, I decided to celebrate.  Because my life is filled with amazing people, events and places and it's so worth celebrating!

And since it's is my 40th birthday and that's nothing to sneeze at, I have 11 days of birthday giveaways for my blog readers! You just never know what it's going to be, so check back each day.  All winners will be announced on the 11th.

First up, a tutorial!

Midnight Garden Bracelet

Wafer Disk Bead

3 ceramic nuggets

Rizo glass beads in two colors

Size 11/0 seed beads

2 lengths of 6' brown waxed linen

1. Thread one 11/0 seed bead onto the middle of one length of waxed linen.  String the wafer bead onto both ends of the waxed linen and pull it up to the seed bead, tie an overhand knot at the back of the wafer disk bead.

2. String on one Rizo bead and tie an overhand knot.  One thread will be straight and the other at an angle, thread the next bead on the angled thread and tie on over hand knot.  Repeat for four inches. (My bracelet is 8 1/2 inches - adjust your size accordingly.)

3. Tie on the other piece of waxed linen under the wafer disk bead with an overhand know.  Repeat and make sure this knot is very tight.  Add a drop of beader's glue if desired. Trim the edge of the thread.

4. On the new thread string five size 11/0 seed beads and tie on overhand knot.  Repeat until it's the same length as the Rizo beads.

5. Tie all four lengths of waxed linen in an overhand knot. Thread two lengths of the waxed linen through the ceramic nugget.  Thread the other two lengths of waxed linen thought the nugget - but on the other side of the whole.  Tie all four threads together in an overhand knot under the nugget bead.  Repeat with the other two beads.

6. With two of the waxed linen threads repeat step 4 with 6 sets of seed beads.  Tie all for threads together at the base of the last nugget bead, forming a loop. Repeat with another knot.  Trim threads. 

Resources: Wafer Beads: HumblebeadsCeramic Nuggets and Waxed Linen: Fusion Beads.  Rizos and seed beads: Whimbeads.

Now, let's get this giveaway going because a tutorial is great, but not Birthday Celebration great. My first prize is a set of Midnight Garden Wafers

How do you win them? Easy peasy - share this tutorial online somewhere and let me know you did in the comments below.  I'll pick one random winner on August 11th.