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I am such a procrastinator, which is why I need a good challenge or a deadline to get anything done! After finding the surface of my desk again this afternoon I set out to make my first jewelry of 2015!
I went with 6 projects as my goal because I knew time would be short between other deadlines and the holidays. I pulled out items that fit the colors and themes from Stringing and Create Jewelry magazine submission guidelines. 
As soon as I finished my creative session though I had to face reality - I just don't have time to submit these when so many other deadlines are pressing me for time right now. 
I will either sell these or use them for free projects on my blog or other projects I need to finish up. I need someone to write up my submissions for me! Where is my bead fairy when I need her. 
So what did I make? 

This is my favorite set. I'm so color hungry right now was the world is washed in gray and white! I thought these would fit the turquoise theme for Stringing. 

My second piece celebrates when autumn is ablaze with color. 

The pendant on the left was inspired by the earth tone palette from Create Jewelry and the branchy one on the right fit the themes of fringe or mixed metals. 

The tree piece fit the mixed metal theme with copper leaves, shibuichi pendant and gunmetal findings. 

A close up of my hibiscus pendant and a beautiful collection of pastel art beads with the sweetest bird copper coin from Green Girl. 
I'm not giving many details about the pieces since they will be used in projects featured in other places soon - in case you are wondering. 
Scroll down to the original Muffin Tin Challenge post to submit your entry for the challenge. I'm excited to see what everyone has made and feel completely energized by all this productivity!