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Today to avoid bead envy for those lucky sticks at Bead Fest, we are busting our bead stash!  My challenge for you is to dig in that bead stash and pull out something that hasn't seen the light of day for a while. If you have been to a big bead show, I challenge you to find something from a past bead show purchase.  You can share a photo and story about it.  Create something with it or give it away on your blog or Facebook page.

I pulled some beads this week to bust my stash with a color palette and theme in mind.  I'm going for autumn fields. I will need to darken up my colors a bit with steel wire and darker stones like smoky quartz and maybe some wood. Some how keys starting showing up too! I can't wait to find some time later today to transform these beads into jewelry.  I'm super inspired!

Show above: Vintage Meadows flowers, Humblebeads Disks and Tesori Trovati Simple Truths Pendants. 

In this photo I have a great collection of More Skye Jewels pendants and components - some have been in my stash for a while others just joined the party in May when Marie came to visit me.  I have a few bird pendants from Green Girl Studios. I can't remember where I got the glass encased skeleton key - it's been that long! Ceramic beads on the top from Diane Hawkey, Earthenwood and Elaine Ray.

Now it's your turn!

For the giveaway I will pick one random comment for a $25 gift certificate to my website, www.humblebeads.com. If you "bust your stash" today and blog or share about it on the Creative Bead Chat Facebook group you'll be entered twice - be sure to let me know if you do that in the comments too.  I will give you until Sunday to bust your stash and will pick the winner Monday morning.

Check out the Bead Stash Bead Sale details here.

Remember - the more the merrier! Invite your friends to play along and share today's post!