Pity Party Day 2 - Inspiration Adventure

Saturday, August 24, 2013

How did the bead stash busting go yesterday?  Did you make anything?  I would LOVE to see it - share a link.  I created a bracelet design and a tutorial. 

Hidden Clasp Bracelet Tutorial - click the link to view the directions.

Once I got the design figured out I had to sit down and make another colorway.  My inspiration for both? The Pantone Fall Color Report.  Love this season's palette!

So that was yesterday's challenge - what's up for today?  Today we aren't going to sit on the computer and look longingly at photos from Bead Fest posted by our friends on Facebook.  Oh no, it's time to get out of the house and find something to inspire you. 

Today's Challenge

You can go to a farmer's market, craft show, festival, museum, gallery, bead store, antique store, book store, walk in the park - whatever you can fit into your weekend that will inspire you. Stuck at home? Talk a walk in your neighborhood with your camera and go on a color hunt, snapping photos of things you find interesting. 

My outing today ties into my friend Erin's latest challenge which calls for us to find inspiration in our hometown.  I'm all about my hometown, I love this place with all my soul.  In fact, I host a fall Bead Retreat here every year to share these amazing surroundings.

I'm going to go visit a local ceramic gallery that is out on a farm today - it's in the middle of nowhere.  I will take my camera and see what my trip inspires.  Do you have something planned for today - treat yourself to a little inspiration!

Share photos from your adventure on your blog or the Creative Bead Chat facebook page.

Oh Big Prize!

So, here is your chance to win a $50 gift certificate from Today leave a comment and tell me what is the most inspiring place you have visited or dream of visiting one day?  Earn another entry if you share my Retreat Link on twitter or Facebook.  You have until Sunday to enter, leave a comment to let me know you shared the link.  I will draw the winners on Monday morning. 

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Love those bracelet designs -

Love those bracelet designs - I'd love to get out to take some inspirational photos but it just hasn't stopped pouring with rain all day here lol ... maybe later I'll get some nice shots of raindrops on all my veggie plants ;)

Pity Party Day 2

I dream of visiting Italy some day, I also love all things food, so I think that besides seeing the beautiful landscapes, I would also have a full tummy!

oh and the place I'd love to

oh and the place I'd love to go to one day for is Kyoto in Japan ... I tried sharing your retreat link but it's says the page cannot be found ....

Beautiful bracelets, Heather!

Beautiful bracelets, Heather! The most inspiring place I have ever been to is the glaciers in Alaska. I will never forget how many people on the cruise burst into tears when the ship entered Glacier Bay. It was so beautiful.

The most inspiring place I've

The most inspiring place I've visited so far was Colorado in the summertime - the sky, the mountains, the FLOWERS!!!! Crazy beautiful.
I dream of visiting Scotland. Not sure why, but I think it would be beautiful - the greens, the sheep! Maybe because it is the land of my people : )

the most inspiring place

Number one on the bucket list was always a trip to Machu Pichu. What an absolutely overwhelming place to visit and I made it two years ago. I would recommend it to anyone, but I have never felt so breathless due to the altitude (a bit scary the first time it was experienced).

Most Inspiring Place

Venice is my most inspired place. I love the light, the colors, the oldness.

The most inspiring place.

I dream of visiting the islands across the big pond...Great Britain, Ireland, Scottland, Wales.
I will visit them before too long, I just know it!

The most inspiring place I

The most inspiring place I have been is at the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado. Simply breathtaking, literally!! The view is unreal, it puts life into perspective.

The most inspirational place

I thought this would be tough because I've been doing some traveling lately. I recently went to Ireland and I'm going to Spain in a month. But to be honest, the most inspirational place I've been is Sedona AZ. Something about the colors of the red rocks as the sun rises and sets moves something in me.

The most inspiring place I've

The most inspiring place I've been lately were the Greek islands of Aegean sea. The light , the unique sunsets, the
majestic beaches , the colors of flowers in pots "interrupting" the white and blue of the scenery.

most interesting place

Santa Fe New Mexico may be the most inspiring place I have ever visited. I came home from there both rested and energized. It is a wonderful place to stir up ideas and every artist should visit there at least once

You Won!

Michele - you won today's drawing! Please email me your email address. You the contact form at the bottom of my blog.

Most Inspiring Place

I would love to visit the Galapagos Islands. The color inspirations would be incredible, and the opportunity to see the nature and animals would be priceless.

The most inspiring place for

The most inspiring place for me is Paris - where my heart is, for several reasons :-) I've been inspired to make many designs , from some that incorporate the Eiffel Tower , to more abstract ones , inspired by the city's aura of chic , romance and history.
For future dream trips, I would pick Latin America for the versatility in cultures , traditions and scenery, the amazing colors everywhere and the breathtaking natural beauty.
I shared the link to today's challenge on fb as Despina Vnt
Thank you

Pity Party Giveaway! Inspirational trip.

The most inspirational place I have ever been was Mexico and the ruins of Chichen Itza and Tulum. To think that these place were built without modern tools, use of the wheel is just imcredible. Chichen Itza was a city that rivaled its European counterparts with an advanced civilization. Some of the buildings are just amazing. Tulum sits on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean and is beautiful. I came home and bought so many books on Mayan culture, people, architecture.

Most inspiring place

Venice--we were at a convention so there were several events for the attendees. The most inspiring was hearing Vivaldi's music in the church where he had been a priest. Also memorable--staying at the Hotel des Bains on the Lido Island (it was the setting for "Death in Venice"); dinner at the Danielli Hotel; seeing handcut velvet being woven in a tiny factory on a back street.

Pity Party...Most inspiring place

I was just watching HGTV International and they were filming in Tahiti. It so beautiful there. That would be the place for me. So maybe someday I will get a chance to visit.

Lovely bracelets!

Most Inspiring place

The most inspiring place I've ever been is the Dolomites range in Italy, with viberance of the Italian culture and food, and its rugged landscape with mountains that turn the most beutiful shade of pink at sunset.
For the future I would love to explore the Scottish highlands more as well as Africa and Japan

Pity Party - Day 2

I find depictions of India very inspiring - lots of bright colors, intricate textures and bling. But also old, serious looking architecture for a good mix of inspiration.

I also shared your link on FB

I also shared your link on FB (Despina Vnt):
and Twitter (@DESPINA_VNT):


Hmm anywhere outside in the

Hmm anywhere outside in the trees and woods.


The most inspiring place I've been so far in my life is the American West. I moved myself from NJ to NM in 1996 and fell in love with the wide open space, the plains, the sky, the mountains. The colors amaze me. The sunsets aren't hidden from me like they were back home. Living in New Mexico, I started to find my artistic voice and started on my journey. I now live in Colorado and find inspiration in my town from its people and the landscape every day.

I live near the mountains, so

I live near the mountains, so I only have to take a look outside to get inspired by the lovely colors, but I'm also inspired by the warm Tuscan colors...someday I'll go there! I love the way that you hid the magnetic clasp, such lovely bracelets!

Oh, and I also

Oh, and I also tweeted....


I have always wanted to visit Japan. The buildings and cherry blossoms strike me as awesome inspiration.

The most inspiring place I

The most inspiring place I have visited thus far has been the Grand Canyon. The color was amazing as was the fact that it was all natural! Each view was more beautiful then the last!

Inspiring places

Oh this is hard! I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful country, and I've travelled to a number of other beautiful places too. The beach is a constant source of inspiration to me, I love the variety of colours you get in the ocean, ranging from light aqua greens and blues to that deep dark steely blue, and of course the white surf. But then I love the mountains too. My parents have a vacation home in Colorado, where they lived many years ago and still visit annually. It's in the heart of the mountains, and the combination of craggy peaks, silent forests, noisy rivers and serene lakes is magical.

Love your designs. Not at

Love your designs. Not at home, but as we rode our new Honda Goldwing motorcycle through the hills of North Caolina, there was so much color and design in the surrounding countryside that it got me to thinking about new designs/colors to use in my jewelry. Hope I can get some of them to work when I get back home. Would love to win.

Just shared your retreat link

Just shared your retreat link on twitter. So wish I could go to that.

I dream of visiting Iceland

I dream of visiting Iceland someday. I've seen pictures of the Landmannalaugar region with its stunning natural scenery. Also the glaciers and waterfalls would be fantastically inspiring.

Shared The Reyreat link on


Alaska.....I love that state. drove it once and then cruised it another. my fav state of all times. nature, wildlife, freedom and land everwhere.


shared on facebook

One of the most inspiring

One of the most inspiring places I've been too and would love to go again is Glacier National Park. It really is an awesome place to visit and I hope to visit there again someday.

Love how your bracelets turned out.

Pity Party Sunday

One of the most inspiring places I've been to is Paris. I can't get enough of it. My favorite is St. Chapelle (sp?), a small chapel that's filled with beautiful stained glass and painted/carved wood. It inspires my love of color, and of peace. I made a necklace for a friend whose one of the most generous people I know. As I have been going through some of my bead mags looking for something to make I find that several and I mean quite a few, of the designs I marked in the past are yours! Who knew I was a fan years ago, of your work in several different bead mags. How I would love to win a gift certifiicate to get more of your loely beads! Thanks!

Inspiring Place

The most inspiring place I've ever been to was Italy - Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Cinque Terre - everywhere I went my head practically exploded with ideas and these wonderful feelings of being in such ancient places with so much history and depth! My second place would be Arizona - the state I live in - from the desert and cactus to the mountains and pine trees, it's one of the most ruggedly gorgeous places on earth!
I'm hoping over to twitter now to share your retreat link. :-)

Inspiration and busting my stash

Dear Heather. Hi! it is Jean Yates, I was inspired yesterday by dogs. I help to promote a wonderful place in the midwest which saves Kill Shelter dogs and trains them to be wonderful service dogs. I think this is the greatest! I was asked to create a necklace which could be raffled off for this organizations. I busted my stash, as you put it, :) feeling totally inspired, and made a beautiful necklace, not stinting on time or materials. When I made it it just fell right into place and I felt happy!
Love, jean

PS: it is jean again!

I twittered and FB'd this! :)
My most inspiring place right now is where those wonderful dogs are, in the mid-west of our great country! Just wanted to add that.
xox jean

Places that Inspire me.

Well, Paris is the absolute inspiration of all inspirations, and when I have nothing left in my mind, I go through the pictures I took when I brought my then eight year old daughter to Paris for a week. Swimming in the fountains of the Trocadero, laying on the ground and looking up at the Eiffel Tower or browsing through the Louvre were all wonderful, and all the people watching gave me plenty of ideas as well.

Then again, there's a tiny B&B in the village in Germany where my grandparents lived. We love that place - no televisions, phones, cell phone coverage, and the alarm clock is when the cows moo you awake! It's so beautiful and relaxing that I can make many, many pieces of jewelry after recharging my batteries there.

Best of all is our apartment home. I can see the ocean from my balcony, and the place is small enough that I can only bring in items that I plan to use right away. Having my family around for comment and inspiration works as well, and all the photos on the wall of family near and far is the best inspiration I could ever want.

Thanks for this contest. Even if I don't win, I got a chance to share some of the things that inspire me.

Most Inspiring Place I Have Been...

Sorry that I am late to the party, I was in the Pocono Mountains visiting family and suffering from a horrific cold. I returned last night and woke up this morning ready to create (cold still with me, sigh)! I still wanted to share with you the most inspiring place I have ever been to...Hawaii.

My husband and I went there for our anniversary two years ago. I have never been on such a diverse island. When we arrived, the landscape was basically a desert, with all black rock (lava rock), then as we proceeded along the only road that travels around the entire island, we encountered a stunning ocean view with lush vegetation. Further along this wondrous journey, we encountered a rain forest that we got to walk through. Next was tropical vegetation and then more lava rock. We also traveled to the top of Mauna Kea, almost 14,000 feet above sea level. It was absolutely breathtaking, quite literally!

The diverse climate and landscape of this island makes it a beautifully unique and inspiring place! Between the variation in landscape, the ocean and all of it's beautiful creatures to the top of the mountain where you are above the clouds and can see more stars then you ever imagined existed, this is by far the most inspiring place I have ever been to! Here is a link to my blog post that has photos of what inspired me:

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