Pity Party Day 3 - Class or One

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Did you get out for an inspiration adventure yesterday?  We spent the afternoon out soaking in nature and visiting a very creative ceramic studio that is down the road from me. It was our last weekend to go blueberry hunting for the summer.  I live in an area with farms in every direction and our little town is in what is known as the 'fruit belt'.  My next adventure is going to be apple picking.  I love going straight to the source and getting fruits and vegetables.  So clean, so good and so close by! I need to learn how to can food.  That's on my wish list - I would like to find an elderly lady to teach me how to do it so I don't kill of my family though!

Our second adventure took us a few miles down the road to a farm/studio/gallery.  There is a group of artists who live along with lakeshore that have banded together called the Blue Coast Artists and this studio is part of that group. I couldn't believe we waited all summer to visit this place, it's been on my summer bucket list since April!  Khnemo Studio features ceramic work by Dawn Soltysiak and other artists.  They teach classes, hold workshops and studio open houses.  They have a huge gallery upstairs and a smaller one downstairs and in the middle is the working studio where you might just catch the artist in action.  Outside there are chickens roaming around, peacocks in an area near the barn and vegetables and honey for sale.  It's a very peaceful place. I felt inspired and energized by our outing yesterday.  Mission accomplished!

Today's Pity Party theme is a Class of One. I've never actually taken a class at a big bead show since I usually work them, but classes are a big part of the fun.  So today let's pull out a favorite book or online tutorial and give it a try.  I know this may be hard today since Sunday might be your family day, so maybe your task for today is finding a project that you'll work on later this week.

I'm going to gather with my beady partner in crime today and try out a project or two from Melissa Cable's very inspiring book, Metal Jewelry in Bloom.  With minimal tools and lots of creativity Melissa shows how to create a garden in metal.  It's quite amazing and one you should put on your list of must have books!

How is your Pity Party going this weekend?  Have you had a chance to shop? I did! Have you busted your stash?  Did you go on an inspiration adventure?  It's been a fun way to avoid all my horrible jealous feelings of missing out on Bead Fest.  Be sure to share with me on the posts from the last two days to enter to win a gift certificate from

Today's giveaway is a another $25 gift certificate.  In the comments share your favorite online jewelry tutorial with me. I will pick one random commenter on Monday as the winner.

My tutorials that I'm sharing are the ones here on my website, I have quite a collection of free projects that I've designed for my readers over the years. There are two pages of projects, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page.  Share your tutorials in the comments below!


I have yet to purchase a

I have yet to purchase a tutorial but have several on my wish list on erstheretwhile. I think I may include on on my next purchase there. The only thing I have made from pattern , book or class is beaded beads. I've really have never been able to afford before but I look forward to trying out a tutorial. Thank you for the push ;):)

Favorite Tutorials

It's hard to pick a favorite; there are so many I want to try. Many of yours are on my list, but since those are already listed, I will pick this one by Martha Thomas: The necklace has great colors, and I would love to try using multiple colors of waxed linen in a design.

I love so many but the one I

I love so many but the one I have used the most this last year was Lesley Watt's great Double Strand Seed Bead and Jump Ring Bracelet tutorial, which is amazingly versatile and produces gorgeous and countless different results, according to the size of beads used, the contrast with the thread and the buttons used for closing the bracelet.
Also amazing for a necklace!!
It has saved me many times when I needed a quickly made gift :-)

You Won!

Despina you won today's drawing! Please email me your email address. You the contact form at the bottom of my blog.

I've not purchased any

I've not purchased any tutorials yet but I do hope to do some of the projects from my big stack of beading books this year, just not had time yet - working for the next couple of months on contest and blog hop pieces ;)
I would love to try some of the Shaktipaj Designs wirework tutorials ( as they're just amazing =)

I like all of BSue's

I like all of BSue's tutorials on youtube. One of my favs is this tutorial on Sari ribbon:

Fav Tutorial

I love the tree of life earring tutorial by BeadingOnABudget.

I love many, but mostly

I love many, but mostly used:
- Erin Siegel's Fortuneteller's Bracelet tutorial:
- Your own Candy Cane Earrings tutorial:
- The Gossiping Goddess' tutorials for Wire Macrame Earrings and Double Strand Seed Bead and Jump Ring Bracelet:


I love Erin Siegels designs and here is one I am going to do....just have to find the time and motivation.

Favorite Tutorial

I have many artists that I admire. When I look through my tutorials that I have purchased, one name is ahead of the others...Heather Collins. I love working with her tutes, and I love the results from them!


I love Eni Oken, I admire her wire work so much, I love wire work and metalsmithing and some oof her basic tutorials have really helped me learned some basic wire skills such as a herringbone weave or a wire woven bezel which I can incorporate into other deisgns. I love your favorite things necklace on your blog.

Pity Party

I would love to learn beaded crochet! I am one of those people that not only enjoys looking at beadwork but I love to touch it! (So much of the joy of beadwork is feeling the beads with your fingers.) Beaded crochet to my fingers is like having an ice-cold glass of water on a hot day!

Pity Party

I set up a table in my living room, dragged out a pile of beads, wire, metal and tools as a last bead bash with my best beading buddy before going back to school. While I didn't participate in a tut I am currently in love with wire and have found Making Wire and Bead Jewelry, Artful Wirework Techniques by Janice Berkebile and Tracy Stanley. I love the photos that enable me to teach myself different techniques. I am going to make a second attempt on the "All in One Wire Wrapped Bracelet". Everything went well until I tried to form the hook clasp, over, and over, and over again which resulted in very ugly wire. I'll have to make another one...what a pity! Not! Looks like another beading day tomorrow!

I can't wait to retire so that I can come to your retreat!

Thanks for the inspiration Heather!

Pity Party faves

I have "Jewelry Designs from Nature" and love it. I really appreciate that you incorporate bead weaving techniques into some of your designs. I love to embroider and weave; using seed beads can be like adding like tiny jewels! I'm always looking for something different for the strap of a necklace, and I found this tutorial that I love: It's really easy, and you can use a beautiful clay bead for the bracelet closure and stack several together. Or hang a beautiful pendant with danglies from it.

Online tutorials

Hmm, I have a few that I've tried. One of my favourites is Tracy Statler's Chan Luu-style wrap bracelet -- she has a video tutorial which makes the technique very clear indeed -- there are a few other tutorials there that are also great, especially for beginners!
I also like Lesley Watt's seed bead and jump ring tutorial, as others have listed above. And I've always enjoyed Lorelei and Erin's tutorials as well as the great ideas on Art Bead Scene!

You will adore Melissa's

You will adore Melissa's book! It got my juices flowing right away, but unfortunately I wasn't able to put plans into action but it is on my growing to-do list! I love your garden gate clasp tutorial and I am doing all I can to find good pc tutorials. I did buy one from L C Moseley that was great about doing photo transfers. I tried to use it to the letter but I have a hard time following directions! Ha! From someone who writes them all the time! But I used it more for a jumping off point and did my own thing anyway. Your little adventure sounds lovely. I wish I could have been there with you! Thanks for hosting this fun weekend. I enjoyed it immensely. Enjoy the day. Erin

Wire wrapping tute

This is the first tutorial I tried and with a fair amount of success:

After many months of feeling extremely impressed with (and a wee bit intimidated by) all of the beautiful wire wrap pendants out there I decided to give it a go.

I'd recommend it to anyone :)

Can't wait to see what you make!

Glad you're getting to play with the book. Can't wait to see what you make! Have fun and create recklessly! : ) -Melissa


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