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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh, September - you just whizzed right passed me. The last two weeks were a blur.  Really, October 1st?  Is that right?  Just doesn't seem like it should be October yet.  I'll blink and it will be New Year's!!! 

So what's a girl to do?  Make jewelry like a fiend to capture all this fleeting beauty around me!  What do you think of that Birch Forest Necklace?  I'm smitten!  I used Swellegant to add patina to the leaves, connectors and clasp.  Oh, that's some good stuff!  I think my favorite color combo right now is copper, teal, cream and bronze.

This one make me super happy! Just love everything about it.  It's already found a new home, so I hope the owner is as giddy wearing at as I was creating it.  Lisa Peters - that girl can make a leaf! The lampwork is Thornburg Studios and then my branch bead.  I has an awesome stash of vintage chain that looks like bark - I use it like it's gold!!!

This piece will be making it's way to my website site. I did a series of leaves and pinecones recently - more on those later.

Oh, and pinecones - gloriously patinaed pinecones.  I'm working on more - but you can find them in an ancient bronze coloring here.  They have been super popular lately.

And while I'm all drunk with the changing colors of the season, farmer's market hauls and antique shopping bliss I decided to have a one day jewelry sale to celebrate all this autumnal goodness!

Use discount code HARVEST for 20% off your order on my jewelry website.


if you don't follow me on Instagram - you should!  I love sharing all the beauty of my small town, my big adventures and the daily joy of creating!



I think I am punch drunk with color! I left for three days and the trees changed. There is one along my route that went from verdigris to merlot overnight! I do so love the way you combine colors, textures and art beads. And that first one makes me giddy! I love the airy leaf shapes and the patina. I truly need to get back to the process of making, but a cold has grabbed me and demanded that I don't even set foot in my studio. Once my vision clears, I want to just be found making. I hope that happens soon before the vistas change again! Enjoy the day. Erin

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