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First, thank you to everyone who wrote in and shared your story with me. It's brave to throw your hat in for a scholarship like this and I wish I could give one to everyone who entered. 

But I did the best I could and decided to offer three full scholarship for my Polymer Clay Design Bootcamp instead of just one.

All the entries were placed in a bowl and Jess drew out three random winners.  Here they are:

Jennifer Trujillo 

For those who didn't win, I could feel from your emails that you are ready to start creating more and was hoping this was going to be a push to get you going.  And I think it should be, even if you didn't win. I think those who entered realize they would really love to learn to make beads or improve their skills. Beadmaking is crazy fun, who wouldn't want to do it!  

There is no shortage of tutorials and inspiration online, so head to Pinterest, YouTube or google Polymer Clay Bead Cane Tutorials and grab your clay - make some time for yourself and explore one new cane a week, just like it's a real class. Or find a polymer clay book at your library and go through a few of the projects for your 'class'. Have fun and get creative!