Scholarships - Giving and Getting

Huge news - I'm giving away one scholarship to my online Polymer Clay Cane Design Bootcamp!
I will accept entries today and tomorrow only. The drawing will be Wednesday morning.
Rules to Enter:
1. You must have a finanical need. You don't need to tell me your story or prove it, this is Scouts honor kind of stuff - you know your situation. You also don't need to be in poverty to qualify. You might be a mom on a limited budget, someone retired or maybe a recent big expense is keeping you from investing in your creative pursuits.
2. You are willing to follow along with the class and do the assignments with the group each week. Even though the class comes with lifetime access, I'd like the winner of the scholarship to be someone who wants to do this really bad, right now. Because I know how that feels!
3. You have the supplies or means to get them before class starts. You can see the supply list here. For the first week you'll need clay in Navy blue, white and antique gold.  
4. To enter send an email to with the subject Scholarship. Hurry!!! 
And now let's dish on another scholarship!

I'm very thankful for my business and it is the main income for our family. With our upcoming move, there is a something I really, really want but it's just not in our budget at this time. (See, I do get it!) 

You may or may not know that one of my dreams is to illustrate children's books and products for the gift, paper and decor markets. You know, fun things like journal covers, holiday cards, fabric, etc. You can see my portfoliohere.

There is an art class taught online by one of the top agents in this field, this is a dream art class.  So I'm asking those who I have inspired over the years to consider giving me the gift of inspiration and helping me take this class. 

I have a scholarship campaign to help me reach my goal! Every donation adds up and I'm at 25% right now. Click here for more details. 
Thanks for stopping by today!