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You know you've been eyeing that bead, it's calling your name - just whispering to come roll around on your bead table.  Treat yourself to a bead packaging that will arrive with a special gift surprise gift from me! 

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Yep, I'm all about spoiling you this weekend, whether you have kids, fur babies or offer a motherly heart and advice to someone in your community - women need lots of treats and goodies this weekend.  Being a mom of any kind is serious hard work!

My Mom & Me running around shopping in Jamaica on this year's Bead Cruise!

She is my best friend.  We are prone to midnight phone calls just to chat.

She is my rock, my biggest cheerleader and always has a kind word.

She is amazing, strong, full of hope and prayers.

Where would I be without my awesome Mom?

I wouldn't be who I am today!

Thanks Mom!