I hope you have little signs of spring budding up around you. Michigan likes to take it's time letting go of winter, so I'll just create reminders of spring until the daffodils and forsythia bloom. I needed something sweet and colorful right now so I whipped up a bee themed bracelet and made a few kits for you. It's a super simple project that you can create in snap. 

1. Add the bee charm to the hexagon frame with a 6mm jump ring. Add the clasp to the frame using another 6mm jump ring. 

2. Fold the 30" of 4ply waxed linen in half and slip the loop end through the hexagon frame, open the loop up and pull the ends of the waxed linen through to create a larks knot. 

3. Add a bead unto the waxed linen and tie a knot.

(Here is a video that shows how to do the knotting if it's new to you. https://www.facebook.com/43828560192/videos/10160301231520193/)

4. Repeat adding beads and knotting between each one. If the hole is smaller, string bead on one cord and tie a knot with both cords after the bead. 

5. Tie the bar of the toggle clasp on the end of the cord, knot. String the cords back through the clasp on each side and tie another knot under the toggle bar. Knot several times around the cord, working down toward the last bead. Trim cords. 

Kits can be found here