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I'm so excited to announce today that I'm the next Vintaj Art Bead Partner!
Vintaj and Humblebeads go together like peas and carrots.  Their earthy natural brass, copper and arte metal findings are the perfect compliment to my nature-inspired designs.  Last year the Vintaj team assigned me the theme of field journal and I could have been more pleased with such a sweet theme. 
You can win that big pile of Vintaj and Humblebeads above - click here to enter.
The Vintaj team has put together a Pinterst board with my beads, their components, jewelry they made for the theme and a few tutorials. They will be featuring the Field Journal theme on their website this month and on their blog.  
The Vintaj Partner beads will be in my Etsy shop while I'm on the Bead Cruise.  My assistant will be shipping out Etsy orders while I'm gone.  Poor guy, I go on vacation for a week - he gets to go to the Post Office.  
If you are quick you can still use the discount code SAILAWAY for 25% off your Etsy order today.