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I'm super excited to be hosting my first webinar for Interweave today. Just like the title says I'll be sharing all my tips and tricks for visually branding and promoting your business. 
The live webinar starts at 1PM EST today, so there is still time to sign up and join us. During the live webinar you get to ask questions and then after the webinar the recording version is sent out. So even if you can't make it today you can sign up and listen in later this week.  
  • How to create a mood board to help tell your story visually
  • Use the power of branding to grow your jewelry business
  • Learn what formats and sizes to create your images for the different social media platforms
  • Explore unexpected ways to visually promote your jewelry
  • Discover how to stand out with your printed materials
  • Jewelry designers just starting to sell their jewelry.
  • Seasoned designers who want to improve their online marketing skills.
  • Designers who feel lost at promoting their work online and could use a few guidelines.
  • Jewelry designers who want to stand out at shows.
  • Designers who are ready to get more attention online without feeling pushy or invasive.
  • Jewelry makers who want to wow their customers with creative yet affordable packaging.
  • Designers who aren't sure if they are a brand but would certainly like to sell more jewelry online and off!

In the webinar I'm going to talk about defining your dream client and thought I'd share my blog post on who my dream client is that I wrote a few years ago and now use as my guide for creating jewelry and marketing my business. Read Thoughts on My Target Market here