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Here you'll find artisan beads, a curated collection of Czech glass and metal components for your next nature-inspired jewelry creation. 

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Hello World! I'm Heather Powers, the artist behind HumblebeadsAbout the Artist

Almost 25 years ago while I studied painting in art school, I was introduced to beads and began creating wearable works of art. After graduation it was a natural choice to use beads and jewelry as my medium, creating tiny masterpieces with clay, wire, and metal. Just like the painters and poets before me, I look to nature as my muse. Now I translate those art school lessons of color and design into beautiful beads that reflect the natural beauty surrounding me.My greatest joy is to inspire others to find their creative voice. Through my writing and design work, I hope to encourage you to grab hold of what captures your imagination. Be inspired to create jewelry that holds a bit of poetry and serves as a reminder to slow down and cherish the beauty around us.

My childhood home on the shores of Lake Michigan and the woods of my sleepy hometown provided me with lifelong inspiration. Birds, tree branches, leaves, flowers, and sundries from the sea revealed the beauty of nature that I pay homage to in all of my work.

Designs by nature are all around.

Nestled in a farmhouse surrounded by open fields and trees you will find my team and I crafting each bead by hand in my home studio. My family and I live in my hometown, South Haven on the shores of Lake Michigan, where my soul happens to find bliss on a daily basis. My husband, Jess, creates along side me. Together we run Humblebeads and raise our two teenage daughters.

Humblebeads handcrafted artisan beads

My jewelry and beads have appeared in the pages of BeadStyle, Beadwork, Bead Trends, and Stringing Magazine. My work has also been displayed on HGTV and PBS’s “Beads, Baubles, and Jewels”. I'm the author of three books, Jewelry Inspired by Nature, Beautiful Elements and the Beadmaking Lab. 

I am also the organizer and planner of the Bead Cruise, an annual 7 day cruise through tropical islands that features classes by nationally known instructors.

You may also find me on The Art Bead Scene, an interactive blog that celebrates art beads and those who use them, where I am the founder and editor.

Whether through teaching, hosting events, writing, or making beads - it is my goal to give out as much inspiration as the world has gifted me! Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone’s creativity spark to life after using my beads, taking a class, or reading my book.

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