Feathers & Friends Online Workshop

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Bohemian feathers and whimsical owls mix and mingle together in these trendy class projects. 

The class will cover several polymer clay canes, how to turn them into charms, pendants and beads, finishing tips for polymer clay and how to create feathers from copper sheet layered with polymer clay feathers. Lessons include:

  • Large feather cane 

  • Copper feather pendants

  • Tiny feather cane 

  • Flower cane

  • Owl bead construction

Class materials will be presented in a series of videos and a PDF workbook.


10 Gift-Worthy Projects Workbook - this bonus covers step by step instructions for 10 jewelry projects featuring feathers and owl beads. 

Facebook Gallery and Group

Join the optional Facebook group to share your creations and get to know your fellow students.

What to expect:

Class is currently ongoing and self-paced.  You'll have lifetime access to the classroom and Facebook group.

You'll be added to the classroom and have access to the materials within 24 hours of purchase.

Supply List:

Pasta Machine (or acrylic roller/rod, but it's easier with the pasta machine)

Tissue Blade 

Work surface - glass, ceramic or cardstock will work

18 gauge galvanized steel wire 

Ball stylus sculpting tool - alternatives would be a ball headpin, dental tool with a small cup end, or very fine metal crochet hook.

Acrylic Paint - Gold, copper and raw umber

Paint brush

Wet/Dry automotive sandpaper in 400 grit

Renaissance wax

Oven and dedicated baking sheet for polymer clay

Clay: See below for the basic suggested amounts for the projects created in the class. You will want to have lots of clay on hand to practice. You can use any colors for these projects. Keep in mind you'll want one dark color, white and 2-3 accent colors. Premo and Souffle brands are recommended. 

Teal feathers suggested colors: 2 oz. block of white, peacock pearl, ultramarine blue, and bronze. 

Purple/orange feathers suggested colors: 2 oz. block of white, purple, orange, bronze, and periwinkle. 

*Watch for sales at the craft stores for the best prices on polymer clay.

Metal tools and supplies for copper feather pendant: .016"copper sheet, metal shears, metal hole punch, metal files, bench block, ball peen hammer, riveting hammer, chain and flat nose pliers, liver of sulfur gel, fine grit steel wool and polishing pad. Jump rings in sizes 10mm and 15mm. 

Class Requirements:

You'll need access to the internet, Adobe Reader (it's free here), and an email account to access the classroom. A Facebook account is required to join the the optional Facebook group. A camera is also optional if you'd like to take photos of your projects for feedback or questions. 

Copyright Notice:

1. The images, text and classroom materials may not be shared with anyone or posted anywhere online.

2. You may create the beads in the assignments to use in your jewelry for personal use or to sell. 

3. Please respect my copyright and designs. You may not sell the exact bead designs created from these tutorials.