Monet's Garden - Online Retreat


Let's wander around Claude Monet's beloved garden and immersive ourselves in the color and paintery style of the impressionist.  

You'll learn how to make lily pad and willow branch designs. How to shape beads and embellish them with canes. Then we'll pull out the oil paints for a  special paintery treatment on polymer clay that will have you feeling like a real artist! 

After we make beads inspired by Monet's famous waterlilies and we'll fashion our beads into jewelry borrowing from antique French designs. 

What to Expect from an Online Workshop:

This class is open to all skill levels. No painting or beadmaking experience is necessary! I'll walk you through all the projects and share my favorite beadmaking tips. 

In the classroom you'll have access to the written PDF tutorials with step-by-step photos and recordings of video sessions to watch as often as you need.  

There is also an optional private Facebook group for this class to ask questions and share your progress.

You'll have lifetime access to the classroom and Facebook group. You can watch the class materials anytime. If you can't make the Friday class, you can still participate with the live session on Saturday and Sunday and the the replay of Friday's class at your own pace. 

Retreat Content

Waterlilies Day 1 - We'll jump in create our first lily pad can, learning how to make several bead shapes, embellish the beads with the lily pads and turn them into mini-masterpieces with paint!

FREE BONUS: Bezels as Canvases - I'll share how to use create your Monet designs in metal bezels. This will be a pre-recorded video available to watch in the classroom.  

Waterlilies Day 2 - Our second day of beadmaking we'll add a willow leaf cane to layer on our beads and expand our colors to explore a second Monet painting, he was the master of capturing light with color. We'll create a few more bead shapes including a lentil bead, flattened oblong bead and dagger style pendants and charms.

Day 3: French Jewelry Inspirations - We'll create several jewelry designs featuring our new Monet beads! I'll cover tips for capturing a vintage style and how to create French beaded leaves. All jewelry. samples show will be covered during the class. 

Supply List: *resources and a detailed supply list will be posted in the classroom

Required Polymer Clay Tools & Supplies:

Tissue Blade 

Work surface - glass, ceramic or cardstock will work

Acrylic rod

Oven & oven thermometer  (you can use your home oven)

Dedicated baking sheet for polymer clay

Cardstock and scissors

18 gauge steel wire (hardware stores)

Paint brushes

Oil paint & low odor paint thinner (Cheap oil paints are ideal, like this set: (Paint thinner:

Translucent Liquid Sculpey

Premo polymer clay: Purple, White, Translucent, Forest Green, Spanish Olive, Ecru, Butter Yellow, Black

Souffle polymer clay: Cornflower

Tin foil, baby wipes and paper towels

Required Jewelry Tools:

Chain and round nose pliers

Flush wire cutters

1.5mm metal hole punch

1.5mm pin vise (mini hand-held drill)

Optional Tools To Make Your Life Easier!

Pasta Machine

1-step looper tool

Bead spinner

Class Requirements:

You'll need access to the internet, a Zoom account and Adobe Reader (it's free here) to access the classroom materials. A Facebook account is required to join the the optional Facebook group. A camera is also optional if you'd like to take photos of your projects for feedback or questions. 

Copyright Notice:

1. The images, text and classroom materials may not be shared with anyone or posted anywhere online.  

2. You may create and sell the jewelry made from the class projects.

3. I ask that students don't sell beads using my designs but use the techniques to create their own original beads.   

By purchasing the class you are agreeing to these copyright and use terms.