Moths, Monarchs and Milkweed Polymer Clay Beadmaking Workshop



Stay creative during the summer months by exploring the colors and patterns of butterfly wings, moths, delicate chrysalis and milkweed pods. Delve into four weeks of beadmaking projects to work at your own pace and schedule. 

What to Expect from an Online Workshop:

This class is open to all skill levels, whether you've worked with polymer clay for years or never touched the stuff.

TIn the classroom you'll have access to PDF tutorials and video demos for each project that will help you feel like you are in the classroom with me.  There is also an optional private Facebook group for this class. 

Class Dates:

Class is currently ongoing and self-paced.  You'll have lifetime access to the classroom and Facebook group.

You'll be added to the classroom and have access to the materials within 24 hours of purchase.

Class Syllabus

Week 1:

Monarchs - Learn to create the monarch butterfly cane, create disk beads and transform the cane into a delicate chrysalis. 

Week 2: 

Moth Wing Disk Beads - we'll cover 3 different canes ranging from simple to complex. Learn to mix custom color palettes for each cane, discover simple tricks to make the clay create interesting designs that mimic the patterns of moth wings. You'll create disk beads and chrysalis beads with your new collection of moth canes. 

Week 3: 

Luna Moth Cane - We'll create several canes to create the luna moth design. Learn to use translucent clay to create new depths in your color palettes and cane textures. We'll cover creating images from a series of canes, making a picture bezel pendant with the canes along with disk beads and the elegant long beads. 

Week 4 Bonus:

Milkweed Pods - We'll combine cane designs and sculpting to create milkweed pods. We'll cover bead construction and alternatives like headpin pods that will make perfect earrings or charms. 

Supply List:

Pasta Machine

Tissue Blade 

Work surface - glass, ceramic or cardstock will work

Embossing powder in gold (Ranger)

Raw Umber (Folk Art) and Metallic Moss or Moss Pearl (Deco Art)

Wire in 20 and 18 gauge - any type

Oven and dedicated baking sheet for polymer clay

For the entire course I recommend these amounts of clay as a minimum:

Premo: 3 black, 2 translucent, 2 white, 2 brown, 2 Wasabi, bronze, gold, yellow, orange 

Souffle: 1 Mai Tai (bright melon), 1 So 80's (bright pink), 1 Royalty (dark purple), 1 Turnip (plum), 1 Sea Glass (teal) 

Optional: shallow bezel pendants (Vintaj) 

Feel free to use subsitutes.The only clay I don't recommend for this class is Sculpey III, it's too soft for caning. Premo, Souffle, Fimo, Pardo or Kato can be used. If you want similar colors I recommend using the brands and colors listed above. 

*Watch for sales at the craft stores for the best prices on polymer clay.

*Wholesale resource: 

Class Requirements:

You'll need access to the internet, Adobe Reader (it's free here), and a blogger or gmail account to access the classroom. A Facebook account is required to join the the optional Facebook group. A camera is also optional if you'd like to take photos of your projects for feedback or questions. 

Copyright Notice:

1. The images, text and classroom materials may not be shared with anyone or posted anywhere online.  

2. You may create the beads in the assignments to use in your jewelry for personal use or to sell.  

3. Please respect my copyright and designs. You may not sell the exact bead designs created from these tutorials. 

4. You may use the techniques in the classes to design and sell your own original beads. 

5. You can share photos of your finished beads online, but I ask that you not share photos of the canes in progress. 

By purchasing the class you are agreeing to these copyright and use terms.